Take a seat before meeting Chabelo’s “hidden” wife, she was a real beauty

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Chabelo, who is of Mexican-American origin, established himself on Mexican television with his comedy films, he also became the “Friend of all children.” And, although he is currently retired from television, his life continues to arouse the interest of his followers.

And it is that, Chabelo He has kept his personal life totally private, even his official Instagram account has not had many posts since 2020. Also, many miss getting up on Sunday mornings to watch his show “En Familia…”.

And, precisely despite having accompanied various families every weekend, little is known about their relationships, who their children are and who they married. Chabelo He has only had one relationship in his life, as he managed to marry his first and only love: Theresa.

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Meet Teresita, she was the first and great love of Chabelo

Before getting married, Chabelo he would have had an affair with a diva from the Golden Cinema, but the relationship lasted only three years. Shortly after, he would meet his current wife and with whom he has been married for 56 years. Is about Theresa Mirandawho is away from the spotlight.

Both were united in marriage since 1966, Theresa She was a dancer of Cuban origin, so it is not surprising that during her youth she was a beauty, the young woman used to wear sailor-style outfits. And, although there are very few photos of her, both when she was young and current, without a doubt her charm was evident.

With Teresita Miranda, Chabelo She had three children (Óscar, Xavier and Gabriel), since then they have stayed together and she is the one who has come to deny the news about her death or state of health. However, Angelita Castany was one of her first relationships, she died in 2020, apparently from Covid-19 at the age of 86.


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