Survives in New York on $2K; shows it on networks

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  • Hong Kong, Zurich and Geneva top the ranking according to Mercer’s ‘Annual Cost of Living Report 2022’.

  • The last ranking released by The Economist Intelligence Unit on the most expensive cities to live in this 2022 ranked New York and Singapore in first place.

  • It’s the first time the Big Apple has made it to the podium, reflecting the 8.1 percent year-on-year increase in the global cost of living.

Social networks have become the ideal place for people to tell their story and experience with some eventualities in their lives. This is the case of a young man who shared on his TikTok account how he survived a month in New York City, with only $100, which is equivalent to two thousand Mexican pesos.

There are many cities in the world where people would like to live, but in many of these, money is essential to cover at least the most basic needs. Given this, lists of the most expensive cities in the world have emerged and most recently, according to this year’s Global Cost of Living Index, published by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the average cost of living increased by 8.1 percent, in 2022, due to war Russia in Ukraine and the lingering effects of the pandemic.

According to the EIU, there were four European cities in the top 10: Zurich (sixth place) was the highest; Paris, Copenhagen and the Swiss city of Geneva filled out the rest.

For his part, in the United States, New York, is the first time that the largest city in the North American country takes first place, albeit in a tie with frequent winner Singapore.

Survives in New York with 2 thousand pesos

Through a video on TikTok, frankie todaya young comedian, carried out an unusual challenge in November and it was trying to survive in New York on a budget of just $100.

Through various videos, the young man showed his day-to-day life and how he tries to spend as little as possible to survive a month in the Big Apple.

The young 27-year-old comedian started the challenge in early November looking to spend $100 a week. “I want to put myself in a challenge of 100 dollars a week, which sounds easy… for people who are really poor, let’s see how it goes,” he said in his first video.

@frankie_hoy #budget #challenge #money #ate #funny #foodie #change ♬ original sound – Frankie Hoy

However, as he spent fewer resources, he extended the challenge to the entire month.

In his videos he explains, that your key to spending little is to live in a van, take advantage of all the free resources, very little variety of food and help from friends and colleagues.

Today he shows how he buys food for less than 3 dollars (60 Mexican pesos), mostly pizza, hot dogs, sandwiches and Chinese food.

It also shows how he makes use of apps where businesses offer food from previous days at lower prices.. In addition, he takes his water can everywhere and refills it when he can, be it in the bathrooms of the bars, parks and houses he visits.

In addition, he exchanges products and carries his bag of oatmeal to prepare it and eat it wherever he finds someone to give him hot water.

@frankie_hoy #30 #budget #budgeting #save #money #moneytok #cheap #tips #tipsandtricks #frugal #series #story #go #vanlife ♬ original sound – Frankie Hoy

But, the most important thing isn where he would spend all his money, is the rent, because since he lives in a van that parks in different parts of the City, does not have this expense.

After 29 days, in a video on December 2, he published that he still had a budget of 4.33 dollars (about 87 Mexican pesos) from the initial 100.

your recordings on the social network they have obtained more than 50 thousand interactions, as well as comments from people.

“I am proud and sad at the same time; I want to say that you are great! But why should you have to do this? ~Well done man! I’ll be looking for you on stage near me!” reads one comment.

“In the end, you need to show us how much you have earned/saved over the course of this series,” says another netizen.

And this is how people are using digital platforms to share some experiments or even lifestyles that perhaps many think cannot be carried out.

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