Supervised more than 131 ISSSTE Family Medicine Units in Edomex

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The general director of ISSSTE, Pedro Zenteno Santaella, pointed out that the institute under his charge continues to work at ground level, because only in this way, the conditions in which the offices, clinics and medical units are operating are known first-hand. which is essential to provide the necessary tools and improve the service”.

When visiting the Family Medicine Units (UMF) of Cuautitlán and Nicolás Romero, in the State of Mexico, the manager said that the institute at the service of state workers is an organization of contrasts “from hospitals that have state-of-the-art technology to units with one or two clinics, like those of the indicated municipalities.

In this context, the tours that began on December 8 of last year, he said, have served to directly learn about their needs and requirements, in order to equip them with sufficient accessories so that the beneficiaries receive first-class care.

He said that in the State of Mexico, 131 units out of a total of 133 have been traveled, where 139,518 pieces of medical equipment, furniture, uniforms, hospital and operating room clothing have been delivered, with the purpose that the three levels of care have with everything necessary to guarantee the human right to health, as the President of Mexico has instructed.

In this same sense, and during the third day of his tour of the Mexican entity, Pedro Zenteno visited the Cuautitlán UMF, which provides 30 daily consultations in one shift through two offices that received static and rotating chairs as part of the equipment. which is carried out at the national level.

After talking with beneficiaries and medical personnel, he promised to carry out the work on the perimeter fence, change of floors and waterproofing, actions that will be resolved immediately.

The Nicolás Romero UMF cares for 10,200 beneficiaries in the two shifts, and where Zenteno Santaella instructed to contact the municipal government to find a space that can be donated to the institute to relocate the medical unit, in order to improve care for affiliated families, since the current property is rented.

He also assured that the tours of the medical units will continue, since that is how the problems that must be solved to put them in optimal conditions are addressed.

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