Summary of the match Puebla vs. Monterrey (1-2). GOALSHalftime

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Two brushstrokes—one of alfonso gonzalez and another of Rodrigo Aguirre— directed to Monterey to his third consecutive victory so far in Clausura 2023, this time with a well-deserved comeback that helped him leave the score 2-1 in his favor on his visit to the Puebla.

Even though Rogelio Funes Mori had a difficult night and despite the fact that La Franja went ahead due to a mistake Stephen Andradahad enough quality to recover, to shape a victory in which he had few edges to criticize.

The goal was denied to Funes Mori

The team from Monterrey tried to demonstrate its greatest power from the first minutes of the game until generating some important options, but None of the ones he made ended in a goaltwo of them for annulled goal and one for a implausible failure by Rogelio Funes Mori.

Regarding the blunder, the 16th minute was elapsed when Jesús Gallardo added to the attack to find only the one born in Argentina, but he was unable to react and the ball slipped between his legswhich earned him a loud boo.

In the next one he had yes he managed to define it in a good way with a cross shot before Silva left, but on this occasion an unclear offside was marked that was analyzed from the VAR.

Those failures would be punished by the Puebla team, which took advantage of an oversight by Esteban Andrada to match the marker. It was at minute 44 when Héctor Moreno returned the ball to him, but instead of clearing he tried to give a pass and in doing so crushed the leather, so he had to try to push it away with his hands, but when doing so He left it to Federico Mancuellowho only pushed him to the networks.

Another missed goal and scratched reaction

Despite the advantage, the sweet potato team was never able to show solidity in their game, so after the restart the visitors returned to the charge to try to rescue the result.

in his onslaught, Funes Mori would once again have an important option when receiving the leaked ball, but it also appeared out of placefor which he vehemently requested that the play be reviewed in VAR, which happened, but only with the people from the cabin, since Jesús Rafael López did not review it.

However, it was a game loaded with only one side, so the tie was expected to come at any moment, which happened at minute 64 with a paint by alfonso gonzalezwho in a free kick he put the ball in the upper left corner of Silva’s goal.

So six minutes later Rodrigo Aguirre took advantage of the disorganization of the town that was generated after the equalizer to carry the ball and take a cross shot from three quarters of the field, all without a mark and with the greatest possible calm to leave the final 1-2.


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