Summary of the match Leeds vs Manchester City (1-3). GOALSHalftime

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Finished the best generation of Belgium in the World Cup, Kevin DeBruyne rose from the ashes and returned to the Premier League in style after his disappointing performance in Qatar for command the victory of Manchester Citywho beat Leeds United 3-1 with a goal from Rodri Hernández and a double from Erling Haaland.

And it is that the Norwegian has not accused inactivity due to the World Cup break. Unlike. He has returned to the competition with more voracity. The first player in the history of the Premier to reach twenty goals in fourteen games does not decline in his statistics. Unlike.

Meanwhile, De Bruyne is happy in England. In matches with City, he forgets the hardships he has experienced lately with his team, where I was called to achieve enormous challenges that have been diluted like a sugar cube. The last one, in Qatar, ended fatally after the fall of his team in the group stage.

De Bruyne looked inspired

For this reason, De Bruyne appeared with a desire at Ellend Road. He already showed them against Liverpool six days before in the Cup. He distributed game and a couple of assistsbut he needed to sign another huge match and he did it: against Leeds he was the beacon that illuminated a team that ended the day five points behind Arsenal.

And it is that, after falling in their last appearance in the Premier League (1-2 against Brentdord), City needed to hit the table to recover the pulse to the competition. He wanted to, the break of more than a month for the World Cup in Qatar was excessive to try to calm the anxiety to return to the path of victory.

The staging of Pep Guardiola’s men was impeccable. There was no mercy towards his rival. From the first seconds, they went for Leeds, who suffered harassment and demolition throughout the first part in which they were on the verge of surviving.

Single Rodri Hernandezwhen the referee was one step away from whistling the end of the initial act, was able to break the wall that Jesse Marsch planted. The American coach tried to hold on to the tie until the break. He was about to get it, thanks to the lack of aim of Jack Grealish and the interventions of his goalkeeper, Illan Meslier.

The occasions were innumerable, almost innumerable and perhaps the player less accustomed to celebrating goals was right. The list was long: Haaland, before Meslier, found himself in the hands of the French goalkeeper up to two times; De Bruyne, sent out a right hand from outside the area; Grealish missed a pass from Rico Lewis’s death and a Guardiola-branded slate play. On both occasions, he sent the ball over the goal.

Light with Manchester

Everything revolved to the rhythm of Kevin De Bruyne, exceptional and at an excellent level. Belgium missed a version that they did show against Leeds during the World Cup. The Belgian left indelible details and, if it wasn’t for Grealish, one of his plays would have remained etched in the retina of many. In the shot that his teammate missed after Lewis’s phenomenal assist, De Bruyne showed off with a dancer’s move with which he touched the ball to unbalance all the lines.

And, of course, City’s goal was born from his boots, with a tremendous pass from the Belgian to Riyad Mahrez, who, again, met Meslier in a shot that was half a goal. The rejection was picked up by Rodri, who passed through the penalty spot and played Haaland to finally open the scoring.

The goal did not sit well with Leeds, who until then nor had he approached Ederson’s goal. And he didn’t get rid of his rival’s abuse until City scored the second early in the second half with Grealish’s redemption. The British winger stole a ball in the center of the field, stood up to Meslier and did not risk failing again: he gave the ball to Haaland and the Norwegian, with an empty door, increased the rent.

City’s second woke up Leeds, who with everything lost went on the attack. He woke up late and took a risk. He left many holes and Haaland wasted no time in teaming up again with Grealish to add the thirdthe twentieth in his private account this season.

The play was started again by De Bruyne, which until the end continued with its exhibition. Leeds interrupted their performance with a goal from Pascal Struijk at the corner kick. He also stopped the story of Haaaland, who missed his third heads-up of the night.

But no one took the MVP title from De Bruyne at Ellend Road. His teammates took advantage of the Belgian’s desire, generating a football that Rodri and Haaland crowned with their goals. And, by the way, his great game served for City to win three points with which they remain five behind the leader.


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