Summary of the game Cruz Azul vs Monterrey (2-3). GOALSHalftime

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Blue Cross this afternoon he signed his first defeat of the year and he did it against some striped who did the same, but with a first win. German Berterame was the player of the match, because in addition to his double, he had the luxury of score an own goal for the celestial With everything and the help, Machine of Raul Gutierrez could not do anything before the Victor Manuel Vucetich.

advantage and draw

Barely reached half an hour of play and the local put the score in their favor. Uriel Antuna defined a great filtered pass from charly rodriguez. The Mexican player marked his reinstatement with said score in a good understanding with Charly, who has been a factor in this start of the tournament for the sky-blues.

Before going to rest, the royal team tied the game. Berterame defined the service of Jesus Gallardo. The left side passed the ball, Rogelio Funes Mori stepped aside and German finished before the mark of Ramiro Funes Morithe other twin.

More screams…

The second half brought more emotions. Those commanded by Vucetich went on the attack. I just restart the game and rogelio hung up 1-2. The royal offensive caught the wrong stop behind cementespecially his brother Rogelio.

Gallardo received and crossed for an attacking Funes Mori who won the position from Juan Escobar; even though his brother tried to reach him, the twin he hit the ball and beat in the background Jesus Crown.

The royal squad wanted to remember that marker with which he eliminated this Machine from the Quarter finals just last tournament and Berterame he put the third in the cartons.

The striker defined from the edge of the area with a forehand that was impossible for Corona, in addition to Juan Escobar again failing in the mark of the striker who had it, along with Rogelio, with a total demand in the center of the field.

And there is no doubt that Berterame had the flow in his feet. After his double with Rayados, the striker put one morebut own goal. The striker tried to divert Escobar’s recenter and thus avoid Jordan Silva or Uriel Antuna will push her to the goal; however, she did not have a good direction with her leg and he himself put it within the goal of Stephen Andrada.

Without further ado, Cruz Azul ended the game with a 3-2 loss in a duel in which the debut in Liga MX of Augusto Lotti as a game changer. The urgency of a forward center is more than latent and time is shortening. On the other hand, the royals were cured of their loss against Chivas and in this second week they were able to add their first three points.


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