Suga proves to be the ideal husband for RM with this perfect dynamic

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Suga of bts He has become the new member of BTS to release his personal vlog, in this he went to carve wood with his team. The idol attended a private class in a workshop to make cutting boards for the kitchen. But during class, he unthinkingly mentioned one of the best friends of his life.

We are talking about nothing more and nothing less than kim namjoon, this one has a beautiful dynamic with Suga. And it is that at any moment, Yoongi gets the opportunity to reveal that she has lived longer with MR than with any other BTS person. It’s no secret to anyone that when they were trainees they fought a lot, but they went from enemies to lovers making a perfect story.

RM is known to love fine arts, and has a keen interest in wooden objects. In his individual vlog he even went to a furniture exhibition and then visited the Japanese artist’s workshop. George Nakashima in the city of Pennsylvania. So while Suga was in the workshop, the first thing he remembered was RM.

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He said that they both share a love of furniture, but that RM has a more artistic way of enjoying things. They also placed in the subtitles “Namjoonie, what’s up?“, again min-yoongi proves to be Namjoon’s ideal boy, after sharing the same tastes for things. You can watch the full video below: