Suga from BTS shows how he likes to kiss girls and leaves his fans stunned (VIDEO)

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The ARMY was stunned after the revelation of suga, one of you the members of BTS, where he shows how he kisses girls. The video has left little to the imagination and much to be desired by its fans.

Over the years, Suga has been widely regarded as one of the most reserved and quiet BTS members within the group. However, with the passage of time, the talented and multifaceted rapper has learned to show his love and gratitude that he feels towards his fans.

The idol He has also become one of the most popular idols of the moment, his artistic versatility has allowed him to earn a place among the most recognized singers and producers in the entire music industry. Kpop.

But now, a romantic gesture that the idol made in his most recent concert with the group has completely fallen in love with the ARMY. During one of his performances, the rapper was so excited and happy that he decided to blow a kiss to all of his fans, even making a “muac” sound with his mouth, leaving them completely in love.

Before the gesture of suga, some ARMY they were surprised, because it seems to be the first time that he dedicates a gesture like this to them. In other videos, he has been seen refusing kisses from his peers and being somewhat serious and shy in compromising situations.

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