Suga from BTS introduced his new great love on social networks

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The popular and talented rapper and producer of BTS Suga He has driven his fans crazy by indirectly presenting who is currently his new and only love, a beautiful cat that stole everyone’s eyes. ARMY.

Suga, like the other BTS members, praised his partner jungkook for his presentation at the opening ceremony of the Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022. However, there was a detail in the photo that Suga published and that caught the attention of his fans, and that is that the idol already found someone to give all his love and affection.

The screenshot that Suga uploaded showed his personal photo roll and that for some reason the idol you did not delete or upload it intentionally, so the army and his millions of followers discovered that the rapper has a new partner.

Although it is not a girl, it is a black cat, something that moved the ARMY, since they have always compared it to this animal and apparently decided to adopt one as a pet and because of how associated it is with it.

At the moment, the name of Suga’s beautiful cat is unknown and how long he has been with him, but the fans made sure to show that it is one of their pets because they can see the clothes of the talented rapper and producer.

And you, do you like the new mascot of suga ?

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