Subject with knife in hand threatens Platanito | Video

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Sergio Verduzco “Planita” released a video on social networks on Tuesday in which a subject is observed threatening him with a knife, after he told a joke about the case of Debanhi Escobar.

The subject, presumably a resident of Tijuana, Baja California, invites the clown to visit his land, “we are waiting for you with open arms”, he says while moving the knife with his hand from back to front.

“Platanito” accompanied the video with a message explaining that he did not commit any crime and that he acknowledged that his black humor joke was “extremely insensitivea joke that also exposes the ineptitude of our authorities”.

The comedian claimed to face this case against him responsibly“I have stood up at all times”, this after Debanhi’s parents announced that they would file a complaint against Sergio Verduzco for the joke he told in one of his shows.

“I leave the following video in the hands of our authorities anticipating a serious crime against me, a video that they send me threatening to kill me.”

In the clip with a duration of 40 seconds the comedian or his character “Platanito” is never mentioned; however, Sergio Verduzco is addressed as “clown”.

“Damn little clown, welcome to Tijuana, when do you want to come and make fun of the children in Hermosillo? When do you want to come and make fun of the femicides?

This is how the subject begins to address “Platanito.

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