Students give car to math teacher

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Students give car to math teacher
The school community did not hesitate to support him and give him a car. Photo: Getty Images / Illustrative

Students surprised their high school teacher by giving him a car because it took hours to travel to get to give them classes to your students.

This is Julio Castro, a math teacher at the YULA Boys school in the United States, who had to wake up from 4:30 in the morning and walk four hours to arrive with his students in Los Angeles.

Given this, the school community did not hesitate to support him and give your math teacher a car.

The students paid a year of car insurance, used 2019 model and gasoline, to thank the teacher for everything he learned during the time he worked hard to get to class.

Who is the math teacher who was given a car?

Julio Castro lives in the Santa Clarita area and says that she would skip her meal times to support everyone studentseven those who were not enrolled in the subjects he taught.

“He is very, very, very dedicated to our future,” said Joshua Gerendash, a student quoted by Los Angeles Times.

“I did my best. I always told them: when life doesn’t go the way you want, what do you do? Don’t cry about it. Don’t complain about it. Just be grateful for what you already have, and then move on. And one day some good things will happen. This is the test,” he said. the math teacher.