strong claim of the deans of Medicine in the face of the crisis of the system

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The health system is going through a crisis, with resignations from bankrupt positions, loss of interest of graduates in residences and migration of young professionals – Credits: @Ignacio Sánchez

The deans of Medicine of 25 public universities in the country issued a statement for the Doctor’s Dayheld the day before yesterday, in which they demand that the State draw up a global health policy in the face of the human resources crisis that the health system is going through, with resignations from positions pending, loss of interest of graduates in residences and migration of young professionals .

“The workforce of the systems that train and use human resources in health is in a critical state: it lost more lives than other sectors, many of its workers became ill, and it shows a sustained excess of fatigue, a product of the disparity between the supply and the demand for care, among other problems”, the deans gathered in the Argentine Forum of Faculties and Public Schools of Medicine of the Argentine Republic (Faffemp).

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The statement points out that given the risk of new epidemics or pandemics occurring, with a globalized economy, the scenario is critical, with “chronic conditions of unequal economic and social development in Argentina” that affect not only the living and health conditions of the population, but also of the institutions where the professionals who must provide care are trained and work.

Given this, “the health system urgently requires extraordinary support in resources” for a better training of doctors, nurses, technicians and specialists.

March of doctors and health personnel in Plaza de Mayo

The deans of the Faculties of Medicine request “urgent support for extraordinary resources” for a better training of doctors, nurses, technicians and specialists – Credits: @Ignacio Sánchez

“It is time that we all contribute together to the development of a global health policy, centered on the human resources policy that goes beyond what has already been done”, claims the forum in the text signed by matthew martinezDean of Medicine at the National University of Tucuman and president of Fafemp; Jorge Molinas, Dean of Medicine at the National University of Rosario and secretary of Fafemp, and ignacio bluroDean of Medicine at the Buenos Aires’ University (UBA).

With regard to the updating that the training curriculum should have, they affirm that the faculties and schools of medicine and health sciences “should train more and better graduates” who can practice at the end of their careers, reduce the migration of young graduates, contain to the postgraduate “through a more active participation in the residency system” and the accreditation of their professional skills.

The forum is also made up of the national universities of Córdoba, La Plata, Litoral, Cuyo, Entre Ríos, Northeast, Santiago del Estero, Comahue, Patagonia San Juan Bosco, Mar del Plata, Chaco Austral, Villa María, La Rioja, Nacional del Centro , Arturo Jauretche, Nacional del Sur, La Matanza, Salta, Villa Mercedes, José C Paz, Catamarca and Río Negro.

“Although health is not everything, without health there is nothing,” the deans concluded in the statement they released.

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