Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Responds To Rumors With NMIXX

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In the current year, fans have had many iconic and unforgettable moments with interactions among idols. Group members from the same agencies have strengthened their friendships with amazing interactions.

Especially the boy group stray kids and the girl group NMIXXBoth of JYPEntertainmenthave drawn attention by revealing anecdotes between them, and in particular of the Australian members bang chan Y Lily.

In a recent live broadcast of his occasional meeting with his fans «Chan’s Room«, the idol addressed the rumors they had with the K-Pop girl group, after playing several of their favorite songs, including NMIXX songs and praising them, and chatting about their recent activities.

A comment that said “What are the rumors with NMIXX?“It appeared at one point in the broadcast and the male idol read it looking really confused at the fan’s question and asked in response”Why would we have rumors with NMIXX?»

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«We are like the same company and they are much younger than us, and they are like little sistersBang Chan explained.

Then, he talked about the rumors, stating that he had not seen them but that he found them amusing. Although it’s not uncommon for there to be rumors in K-Pop, it’s surprising that idols board directly. Furthermore, he decided to investigate them himself.

«I don’t know, I haven’t seen anything, but if there is, I actually find it quite funny«.

«I’ll go and search myself, and see what it’s all about«.

As expected, the Stray Kids member was praised for his maturity in the face of the situation and for defending the girl group as their faithful senior, even when they told him to stop playing their music he said “I won’t do that because they are donsaengs that I really support!«.

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