Starbucks gives away free coffee if you do this

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  • starbucks has become one of the leading brands in fast food retailaccording to Brand Finance.

  • Responsibility actions are a communication guideline to find what consumers identify with.

  • What starbucksother brands of fast food What kfc They have undertaken important actions where they pay with product to clients of their chains.

starbucks Cono Sur implemented a Christmas strategy and proves how important the regions are for brands like this chain, based on the brand value with which strategies focused on social responsibility are imposed, where coffee is given away.

The measure of this beverage brand is an interesting case of how a key benchmark has been consolidated in the market and it is the ability to understand the needs of the consumer and not only that, the opportunity to achieve strategic actions, thought of innovation in the midst of of the competition.

This reflects how important interaction in the market becomes and the role that brands play when they understand the social focus they must address.

Starbucks and its free coffee

starbuckswhich in Mexico is denounced on social networks for having cockroaches in their points of sale, the branches of the Southern Cone implemented an interesting measure that tried to give away coffee to people who came with gifts to the stores in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

This interesting measure is a reference to how important activations designed for the market have become, thus defining new episodes of what is useful in retail and what is worth being discarded in this market.

This activation, which will run until December 18, will offer consumers who come with the gift a free coffee of the day, as part of a measure with which gifts will be delivered to foundations affiliated with the activation.

“In starbucks We continue to collaborate with the community in which we are present and for this reason we invite all our customers to leave a gift in our stores to share joy and magic. Delivering smiles and good times is part of our goal, and we will continue to promote these initiatives that bring us closer to the community,” he explained. Soledad Fantuzzimanager marketing starbucks Southern Cone.

The director’s confession is a great example of how important the market has become today, based on actions designed for the community. It is a concept widely exploited by these huge brands and the truth is that it is an effective action, to think of increasingly valuable resources in the market.

This undoubtedly leads to thinking about resources that are increasingly strategic, especially at a time when it becomes crucial to involve the consumer in short-term actions in which brands participate, where social commitment is common.

When sort list held a study in four countries (France, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands) found that common across all of them when marketers in these countries were asked about the leading actions brands should take when addressing social issues, 32 percent said that these should address all the social issues in which the brand believes and 25 percent considered that trending social problems should be addressed, while 30 percent said that all social issues that impact should be addressed to the community where they reside.

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