Star of the Basic Forces of America sends a strong message

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Wednesday, January 04, 2023

One of the topics that is always talked about when there is a new footballer who arrives at the America club It’s the pressure that wearing the shirt represents Cream blue on the MX League, because it is the team that receives the most demand in national football as the largest and winner in the country. However, it is evident that many elements cannot cope with the obligation to always give one hundred percent, even if it was the young goalscorer of the Sub 18 of the Eagles, Juan Cantuthis should not necessarily be bad.

In a recent interview, cantu mentioned that the pressure of playing for the America It only motivates him to get the best out of himself, so he must be focused on performing and meeting the objectives throughout the tournament, as he did in the last edition of the tournament, where he scored 18 goals. The words of Juan they were applauded by the fans, who took him as the example that some first team footballers should have. However, it is worth distinguishing the requirement of minor categories and the professional representative.

Many times, the fact of wearing the América shirt is a pressure, in the end, all the teams want to play you like a Final and they want to beat you, but that pressure brings out the best in the player. In my case, I think that is the case, and that pressure manages to get the best of me and to deal with it, it is to be concentrated, to know the objectives that I want as it was throughout the tournament and to focus on that.

When will Juan Cantú get his chance with the first team of America?

The striker is clear that he must comply with a process before seeing activity on the MX League, but he has already had opportunities to witness the training of professionals, where despite not participating, he has been able to observe the behavior of the players, which allows him to acquire professionalism to continue his work. For now, he must keep raising his level to reach the under 20 and fight for a chance in the first team.

I haven’t had to go to training sessions with the First Team much, since everyone is already focused on their group, but when I have had to go they have behaved in an excellent way, more than anything I see what they do, how they they behave in training and with that it is already a step forward. They have always behaved like professionals and that helps young people like me who are going to train and learn.

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