Squaresoft’s classic RPG hides scenes you never saw

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It’s been 21 years since squaresoft launched that risky bet in which an unknown boy with a huge Keyblade was accompanied by Donald Y goofy through the worlds Disney. Kingdom Hearts it was a unique rarity that ended up becoming a legendary franchise.

In that 2002 we all enjoyed Sora’s first trip on PS2 but, without realizing it, there were scenes that were not exactly the same for everyone. Although the work had a single direction, there were moments in the game in which we could choose which task to carry out first. That determined dialogues of the characters and even alternative scenes that many have not seen.

For example, as soon as we get to Traverse Town we have a fight against Squall from final fantasy 8. Due to the level we have at that moment, it is normal to lose against him, although there is the possibility of beating him. The sequence changes slightly, showing a very tired Sora who ends up passing out. On the other hand, in Selva Profunda we can also fight Sabor at the beginning. Depending on how well we do in battle, the scene will change.. Here you have several videos that show it.

There are more variations. If we finish the world of Alice in Wonderland first, it will be Alice who we see during a sequence of Maleficent and the rest of the villains. In case she is Deep Jungle, Snow White will appear from the shadows. Among the most different variations are those of Monster, the whale from Pinocchio, where Riku will say different phrases towards the rest of the characters depending on whether we end the world of Peter Pan before or not.

In short, a very simple way that Squaresoft had in its day so that not all of us had the same experience, promoting replayability. Of course, unlocking the scene in which Cloud and Sephiroth smack each other was too difficult, even for the most expert.

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