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Do you think there should be a few hours off to watch the football game? If you are of that idea, perhaps you will get the answer that a Spanish teacher had with a student who asked for the premise exposed here. What did he tell you? We tell you what the correct answer was.

It was through Twitter where the story of a teacher from Spain who He responded forcefully to his student who asked him for a favor for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Among Mexico’s short participation in Qatar 2022, Ochoa’s penalty save against Lewandowski stands out.│Reuters

And it is that the student asked the teacher if he would give the group of students a chance to change the date of the exam, because they wanted to see the game between Japan and Spain.

“Good morning, we were wondering if there would be any possibility of changing the Programming 3 exam, this being Thursday, December 1 at 8:00 p.m. peninsular time because Spain is playing for the round of 16. This proposal is raised because we understand this event as a cultural and patriotic movement ”, read the student’s request.

At the request, the professor went with everything and taking the axis of ‘patriotism’ responded. He refused for the following reason:

“I welcome your patriotic interest in that soccer game, because I also like soccer. But, isn’t it more patriotic to take the exam in a public teaching center in Spain such as the University of Alicante, pass with a very good grade and contribute, when you finish your degree, to be an excellent professional who improves science and technology in this country? ?”, started the response.

Likewise, the teacher stressed that it is doubly patriotic to study for the exam:

“And I say more: Isn’t it doubly patriotic that in a display of study and work you finish the exam before 8:00 p.m. and you can also watch the football game? It is in your hands that you fulfill both tasks, but if you fulfill only one of them, this country will also thank you. A patriotic salute,” he added.

As expected, the post immediately generated multiple reactions. Even the communication director of the University of Alicante, María Martín, confirmed to La Vanguardia that this was a real conversation.



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