Spain: Arrested, young man who hit his tiktoker partner in transmission

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The influencer denied being a victim of partner violence. Photo: Getty Images

In Spainthe National Police arrested the couple of the tiktoker Simona for hitting her during a live broadcast that he did with three other content creators, later denying being a victim of violence.

Just this Monday the couple made a “live” in which assured that it was all a Show “for fame and for money”and that with what they earned they would go on vacation, also asking Simona’s followers not to worry about herthen he stated that “I know that there are women who suffer abuse and I do not accept it, but I did it because it is my profile and I do what I want”.

And it is that after he said that his father had given him the slap for answering questions “that they had not liked”confessed that it was his partner, what aroused fear among his admirers that he could be domestic violence victimwhich she denied on several occasions.

Likewise, he exploded in the face of criticism because he changed his version, which concluded that everything had been set up to earn money, ensuring that being her profile she can do whatever she wantsfrom giving makeup advice or the so famous lip sync (lip synchronization), to the scene that left the three perplexed influencers who were chatting with her.

Why did they stop him?

On the other hand, it was after the transmission in which they assured that everything was planned when both went to the Provincial Police Station of the National Police in the municipality of Soria to denounce the threats and insults they received for the first videoin which he hits her.

However, as the Spanish institution pointed out on Tuesday through its Twitter account, the young man was arrested at the moment for the aggressionafter the video made over the weekend was studied by its researchersas well as by the authorities, after its viralization and the concerns that it aroused among netizens.

In the same way, the unit highlighted that, after his apprehension, by the Family and Women Care Unitand with the young woman also at the police station, the alleged attacker was placed at the disposal of the judicial authority.

Why did it all start?

Simona the weekend He was doing a live broadcast with the influencers Sergio Mengual, Iván Sánchez and Rubén Menorwhen in the middle of the talk, in which they ask the person who is recording her to come out on camera, it is observed how a hand hits her between the cheek and the head, to which she responds laughing.

Meanwhile, the three young men look at the scared scene, for one of them to ask her if she is okay, while another asks who did it, to which she says that her father, but that it had not been because of them, that they wanted me to go on camerabut for answering some questions that he did not like.

After that, they both made the other video on Monday saying that they included their family and wanted to clarify that everything had been armed, denying the accusations of violence, for which the young man was now arrested.

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