Someone on the Internet has bought a Netflix server with 262TB of storage

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If you are passionate about computing, this server will seem like a work of art.

It is not usual to talk about servers in computing more than walking around the house, but since the news that concerns us is really curious, we believe it is interesting to address this topic. At present, it is simple create an FTP server and thus share files from your computer. However, not that does not seem to be so simple is to be able to run into a Netflix server that is about to end up in the dumpster.

A Netflix server recovered in a hardware upgrade

Entering the Reddit universe is dangerous, not because of what you can find, but because of the amount of information that accumulates day by day. Wasting time is not the norm in the American social network, but it is learn daily about any subject that really interests you. In this case, we have met the story told by user PoisonWaffle3 in a Reddit threadwhere he claims to have been able get an old netflix server. And you will ask yourself, how was it possible?

This is what an old Netflix server looks like

This is what an old Netflix server looks like. Reddit

This user works for an internet service provider and in one of his last activities he has dedicated himself to replacing old servers from the red platform. When asked if she wanted to take one home, her answer was yes. Obviously, the equipment was empty, it would have been curious if Netflix had forgotten to delete the content, but since the hardware included the FreeBSD open source operating systemthe gift could be of great use to him.

The hardware included a Single Xeon E5 2650L v2 processor, 64GB of DDR3 RAM, 262TB of internal storage, and 4 network adapters. For now, you can follow the events on his Reddit account if you are interested in receiving user updates, PoisonWaffle3 you have successfully installed the TrueNAS operating system and although the equipment makes quite a bit of noise while it is running, appears to be in good condition. According to the lucky user:

I’m going to run a full test to make sure, but at the moment only one drive seems to be faulty. I will definitely remove it. Depending on how many more are dead, I’ll be able to get by without them or make small fixes. You could also get a second server and use spares as it ages.

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