Some false ‘Mexican sheikhs’ caused a great scare to a Chilean journalist

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The Chilean journalist Eugenio Salinas experienced a great scare when he was making a live broadcast for Channel 13 in Chile, due to a prank carried out by some Mexicans disguised as Qataris.

Salinas was talking about how the Argentine fans were dreaming of qualifying for the Albiceleste to the round of 16 when a couple of guys appeared pretending to be locals to try to censor him.

“Sir, we are allowed. We have the right, ”the journalist said in Spanish and English in shock, while the Mexicans only repeated:“ no, no, no video, no video ”and with his hand they tried to cover the camera.

“This is a place that is allowed,” insisted Eugenio Salinas; then the false ‘sheikh’ pulled the microphone towards his mouth and said: “Long live Mexico, gentlemen”, and began to laugh.

“They had me hanging,” the reporter said with relief, while his studio partners also began to laugh.

During the Qatar 2022 World Cup, several Mexicans have dressed like this to joke with different hobbies that are taking photos on public roads, which has generated momentary fear in the victims, but then they end up laughing at the occurrence.

So far no serious incidents caused by Mexican fans have been reported at the World Cup, but they have led some fights like the one that occurred with Argentine fans prior to the game against the Albiceleste. On November 30, there was also an attempt to fight Tri fans with those from Saudi Arabia prior to the match between the two teams.

Despite the fact that the Mexican national team won 2-1 and reached four points in the group stage, due to the goal difference they failed to qualify for the round of 16 and were eliminated; something that had not happened since Argentina 1978.


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