Solar eclipse of October 25: guide to take advantage of it

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    The 2022 eclipse season reaches its equator tomorrow, on October 25, with a solar eclipse over scorpio that will hang over us. Unfortunately it will not be very visible from our location, but it is a great time to reach certain mental states that we have been fighting for a long time. I explain.

    During the year, as we told you in the calendar of the most important astrological datesthe nodes of the eclipses have been located on the axis of the taurus sign and on the axis of scorpio sign. While the first constellation encourages us to work hard, keep our feet on the ground and face whatever comes our way, the second encourages us to get rid of emotional dependencies and close doors to people who should no longer be in our lives.

    The first round of eclipses, which happened in May, gave us guidelines on how to think more about ourselves, prioritize ourselves and even be selfish in certain aspects. In this second, with the eclipses of October 25 and November 8, Everything will try to settle these self-care practices in your day to day, reflecting on what needs are not covered and letting the universe do it for you.

    Yes, this may sound a bit weird, but The best advice we can give you on how to take advantage of the solar eclipse over Scorpio on October 25 to let go of negative emotions, such as anger or frustration caused by not having your needs met, is to do nothing. If you play against the stars, these ‘will pass you by’. While if you let them do, they will put everything in its place.

    This procrastination should last a short time, this week at the most, and you should also keep in mind that destiny does not always have what you want planned for you. Just trust that the stars will give you what you deserve in front of you and reflect a lot on your current situation.

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