Social welfare below politics

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Montesquieu, when proposing his idea of ​​the state, expressed the need to combat the arbitrariness of the exercise of power, with the tripartite division that we currently know as “Executive, Legislative and Judicial”, and it is thanks to this division that society is organized in different political and ideological forces, however, over time, this idea has been distorted.

Currently, in our Mexico, political ideology has become a partisan doctrine, which distances action from the exercise of power, from the ultimate goal that it represents, that is, from the common good.

We find clear examples every day with the declarations that both the federal Executive and the state Executive make, and in which, far from observing the interest in governing and making agreements that satisfy the collective interest, the lack of professionalism of those who hold public office, since their speeches are covered by the desire to defend political whims, carrying in them an attitude of affront, full of bickering that confronts those who should work under the premise of public service.

It seems then that the Mexican politician follows the saying that says “power is for power”, and forgets that in a State of Law, what matters is to comply with the law, that is, true compliance with the law. , not only by the governed, but also by those who exercise acts of authority and who are the ones who would have the obligation to lead by example, however, every day they move away from these principles and Pope Francis would say, the above is presented ” by his own selfish need to increase his own personal power.”

An example of this is the inability that the authority has shown to limit the migratory problem that affects Ciudad Juárez, since the different shelters in this town are saturated, and a plan has not been presented, at least until now. of contingency and coordination between the three levels of government, in order to face this problem, nor has it been seen that the state and federal administrations provide the necessary humanitarian support to face this situation.

Another example can be found in matters of public security, where through media speeches, the followers of the 4T have strongly defended the idea of ​​militarizing the country, however, military activity is far removed from the goals of security. above all, because our soldiers have not been trained in preventive matters, their role is linked to two primary values: discipline and obedience, under that premise, their actions are limited to the orders they receive, its ultimate goal is national security, for this reason public security takes a backseat, however, it is repetitive, the speeches are not clear and only denote the intention to impose merely partisan ideas.

In a State of Law, there must be instances that follow up on the acts carried out by our rulers, so that said acts are aimed at safeguarding the rights of people, especially as established by our Constitution, instances that They must guide public servants to the full exercise of their activity and distance them from the deteriorated partisan ideology that covers their reason and diverts them from the purposes of the state.

Ciudad Juárez does not need so much politicking, it requires that those who hold power consider the importance of this border and all that it contributes to the state and federal economy, but not for their political purposes, nor to gain supporters for their cause, on the contrary, such a consideration must bring with it the idea of ​​contributing to Juárez what is his fair share.

For Nietzsche “the love of power is the devil of men”, and certainly, many of our politicians manage to obtain an elected public position and, from the exercise of it, fight for the next step, forgetting about that for which they were elected and the obligations that it imposes on them.

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