Social welfare and quality of life promotes the New Agreement for the Welfare and Development of Quintana Roo

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Chetumal.- To continue adding more wills around the New Agreement for the Well-being and Development of Quintana Roo, the work tables of Axis 1 Social Welfare and Quality of Life were held, of the historic agreement promoted by Governor Mara Lezama, to bring shared prosperity to every corner of the state.

Within the framework of the event held in the state capital, in which more than 150 participants from civil society, civil associations and state government agencies gathered, they participated; the Secretary of Social Development, Pablo Bustamante; the General Director of the Institute of Culture and the Arts (ICA), Lilian Villanueva; the head of the Commission for Youth and Sports (COJUDEQ), Eric Arcila Arjona; the General Director of DIF Quintana Roo, Abril Sabido Alcérreca, as well as the Secretary of Agricultural, Rural and Fisheries Development, Linda Cobos.

“Today we are making history, because the old model of government is exhausted, and we are uniting all voices to build a New Agreement promoted by Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa,” said Pablo Bustamante.

He indicated that today the social sector and citizens are meeting to work in a coordinated manner on four major issues: the Fight against Poverty; Sports Promotion; the Cultural Infrastructure; and the Promotion and Development of Culture, which make up Axis 1 Social Welfare and Quality of Life.

For his part, Eric Arcila Arjona, President of the Commission for Youth and Sports of Quintana Roo (COJUDEQ), assured that the participation of society is essential to strengthen a Government that prioritizes democracy, for which he highlighted the importance of that the population is involved in public affairs.

He said that the Government headed by Mara Lezama works so that the sport reaches all corners of the entity, while the corresponding actions are being generated in coordination with the federation and the municipalities, so that all the people of Quintana Roo have the spaces and equipment needed to exercise, and that this, in turn, helps improve their quality of life.

In the same way, the General Director of the Institute of Culture and the Arts, Lilian Villanueva, participated in the workshops focused on the cultural situation, its perspectives and its community scope, in which there was an analysis of the maintenance and rehabilitation of spaces; promotion of use and exploitation of cultural infrastructure; promotion of the cultural development of the people of Quintana Roo; as well as the strengthening and diversification of the cultural offer.

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