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Last week we highlighted in this space that the current level of average salaries offered in our region are, ultimately, perpetuators of poverty, while the Alliance for Prosperity initiative, which seeks to reverse this trend, was welcomed.

No one can deny that a recovery of the purchasing power of wages is urgent to promote an effective reduction of poverty. For this reason, these business initiatives that are being replicated in different regions of the country are commendable, such as in Chihuahua with México Digno; Jalisco, with Poverty Free Companies, and the state of Guanajuato itself with the aforementioned Alliance.

And it is that, as explained by Rogelio Gómez Hermosillo, coordinator of the civil association Acción Ciudadana contra la Pobreza, according to Coneval, for 15 years, extreme poverty has hovered around 40 percent of the population and currently income is insufficient for around 52 percent of the working class, whether they work in the formal or informal sector of the economy.

Gómez Hermosillo – who, by the way, was the coordinator of the Federal Government’s Program to Combat Poverty during the Fox administration, Oportunidades – warns that this distortion of the labor market affects the economy as a whole and is generating poverty. On the contrary, a better remuneration would affect a more solid, integrated economy with a larger internal market. Salvador Suárez Mendiola, a businessman in the Bajío footwear sector explains that the Alliance for Prosperity presented this week is a cross-cutting project involving various government actors, civil society and business people.

He comments that it is intended to detonate the economy, rather than manage poverty. “The Mexico we have today is full of contrasts and lacerating situations, and we have all built it. That can hurt, but beyond acknowledging that co-responsibility, we want to recognize the great opportunity that we have today to be co-responsible for transforming this situation”, he comments, in a contagious hopeful tone.

“Companies have that vocation to generate wealth, but we also have the possibility of sharing it.” It is about –he adds- “not only putting profitability at the center of the company, but also the person accompanied by that profitability, which should translate into efficiency and productivity”.

We hope, for the good of all, to see in the coming months concrete actions in this regard and above all the determined action of more and more businessmen to promote this incipient initiative.

Mario A. Arteaga

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