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Several women have been considered “World Cup sweethearts”. Photo: Cuartoscuro/AFP

The world Cup It is the sporting event followed by millions of people and every four years it leaves a legacy of plays, triumphs, failures and surprises on the field, but outside there are situations or people that set a precedent, such is the case of the well-known World Cup Brides.

This tradition began in the World Cup in Mexico 1986where the “little boom” captivated everyone’s eyes, and from then on in recent editions of the competition there have been several beautiful women who “earned” this title and on the occasion of Qatar 2022 in We count them.

Mar Castro the “Chiquitibum” (Mexico, 1986)

mar castroaged 20 in 1986, was a theater actress when she starred in an advertising campaign for a brewery for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico and earned the nickname “Chiquitibum” because the commercial played a song that said: “Mexico, Mexico, we’re going to win, we’re going to enjoy this championship, chiquitibum a la bim ba ba, Mexico, Mexico, rare ra ra”.

Nowadays, mar castro He resides in Los Angeles, California, where he is in charge of a production house.

Larissa Riquelme (South Africa, 2010)

It took more than 20 years for a world Cup had a “girlfriend” again and this title was earned by the Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelmewho became famous when she was caught on camera celebrating a goal from Paraguayan against Italy in South Africa 2010 and began to gain popularity. However, her name became more widely known when promised to hold a scantily clad photo shoot if his country managed to win the tournamentwhich finally ended up taking Spain.

CurrentlyLarissa Riquelme She is one of the most recognized models in Paraguay and works with important international brands.

Amanda Bueno (Brazil, 2014)

the brazilian Amanda Good He gained popularity when he came to interfere in some of his team’s training sessions to take photos with the players, and he was part of a musical group, but a year after the Brazil World Cup 2014 she was murdered by her own boyfriend.

Anastasiya Kvitko (Russia, 2018)

The Russian model and influencer Anastasiya Kvitko He gained notoriety during the World Cup that was held in his country in 2018, where he stood out for his beauty and impressive physique, for which he was also known as the kim kardashian Russian, although she has been criticized for pointing out that her body is not 100% natural.

Currently, at 28 years old, she is still a model and in instagram It has more than 12 million followers.

We will have to wait to see who will be considered as the “girlfriend of the World Cup” of Qatar 2022.

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