smart screen and surveillance camera reduced 55%

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We are only a few hours away until it officially begins The Good End of 2022 but… Who wants to wait? It really doesn’t make sense to do it, much less with offers like this. It is almost impossible for them to lower it further because they would practically be giving it away. And what can happen to you is that if you wait for the product to run out and you run out of it.

In this very specific case, we are talking about what it is at the moment one of the star offers in Amazon Mexico. A pack that includes a Amazon Echo Show 5 and a Ring Stick Up Cam and that supposes nothing more and nothing less than a saving of 55%or what is the same: $2,499 pesos less than its original price of $4,498.

If you are concerned about the security of your home and would like to have a camera with which to monitor your belongings, this offer has everything so that you can easily set up your own surveillance system.

Camera and smart speaker

Echo Show 5 + Ring Stick Up Cam, a pack that is sweeping the Good End on Amazon with a 55% offer.

The pack cannot be more attractive. for the price of $1,999 pesos (original price of $4,498 pesos) we can get a smart speaker with a screen and a camera to monitor our house. The combo is quite striking, since the Echo Show 5 itself will serve to display the image that the camera is capturing, and to do so we will only have to ask Alexa.

The interesting thing about the Ring surveillance camera is that it has a small body, and it is Prepared to work both indoors and outdoors. This means that if you want to keep an eye on the garden you can do so without having to worry about rain or bad weather. This camera has a removable internal battery that promises to last several months before having to charge it again.

Echo Show 5 + Ring Stick Up Cam

Echo Show 5 + Ring Stick Up Cam

In any case, you can also plug the camera into the electrical current (yes, the adapter is not included), so you won’t have to worry about charging it anymore. One of the most repeated criticisms of this camera is related to its image quality, and that is that the Full HD image sensor gives fantastic quality. is able to offer very good contrast and handle high lights very wellalthough obviously you should make sure not to point it directly at the sun, since in that case you will see quite little.

day and night

Thanks to the infrared LEDs that it includes, the camera It will also allow you to see in the dark. thanks to the night vision mode, and if you needed to talk to the person in the image, you could do so without any problems thanks to the two-way communication system that includes a speaker and microphone on the camera itself.

A very functional couple

This Echo Show 5 speaker and surveillance camera pack is great, since you only have to say “Alexa, show me the garden camera” for the Echo Show 5 to show you on the screen what is happening in the back area of ​​your house . Taking into account the price of the combo, we see no reason not to bet on this kit, since you save no less than 55% of the original price of the two products.

And if you still do not have an Echo installed at home, opting for the model with a screen is an excellent option, since with home automation solutions such as surveillance cameras you will get the most out of it.

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