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Cosmetics and aesthetics of 2023Courtesy of Andrew Gn

Welcome, 2023. After an almost endless 2022, you want to renew yourself, inside and out. And nothing better than doing a good review of everything that this year is presented to us in cosmetics and aesthetics. Of body retinol to the new ingredients that claim to be the most commented on after the ‘beauty addicts’, such as azenoglycine, going through the latest in the cabin, such as the viral 12 short cone threads, the new lifting effect Immediately than on Instagram, it is already sweeping. Attention to everything new.

The cosmetics of 2023

body retinol

The retinol use throughout the body will go from being something specific to an established trend. So much so that it is even consolidated as a complete step within the call “bodyskinification”the care routine that aims to treat the skin of the body with the same active ingredients that are used for the face.

cosmetic and aesthetic trends of 2023

Remi Ferrante/Courtesy of Roberta Einer

Botox-like products

You have already heard about them in 2022 and they will be no less important in 2023, because cosmetics that you can use at home with the same effect as botox but without punctures continue to rise. And now, with a plus: cosmetics botox-like natural. That is, plant-based like the rock fennel, a coastal plant that could be a kind of “green retinol”. It manages to mimic the action of a retinoid on the skin: it increases the thickness of the dermis and decreases the depth of wrinkles. The best? It has no side effects.

Drinkable marine collagen

And also, hydrolyzed. collagen Little by little, it has been making a good place for itself in the cosmetic world, especially its drinkable version in nutricosmetics. Well, 2023 will still be a good year. And it is not surprising that it is one of the ingredients that defines the future in the world of beauty: it is up to 4 times more bioassimilable to the body than other ingredients, multiplying its effects.

cosmetic and aesthetic trends of 2023


Cosmetics in pen format

To sharpen aim. And it is that cosmetics with millimeter nozzles are increasing followers. The reasons are easy to guess: deposit the product only where it is necessarythus concentrating all its effects and managing to save, which is not bad at all.

color treatment

Because we come from difficult years and we don’t want to make life more complicated in the morning, it’s that simple. 2×1 cosmetics add points in 2023 and treatments with a touch of color will continue to succeed. Zero delay because of makeup and always a good face.

cosmetic and aesthetic trends of 2023

Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

The new ingredients: azenoglycine

It is one of the ingredients that in 2023 will cause people to talk. azenoglycine contains one part azelaic acid and two parts glycine. There are still few brands that use it, but give it time, because this ingredient is already said to be the new substitute for salicylic acid, suitable for everyone. That is to say, we are facing one of the most powerful ingredients that will make facial cleansersfor example.

The Y zone: new field of anti-aging treatment

Once again that each and every one of the areas and corners of the face have been consolidated, in the anti-aging field there is a new favorite treatment area: the so-called Y zone. It is the lower third of the face and the upper third of the neck, that is, jaw, chin and neck. An area that mercilessly goats age, because it is where it is most noticeable the sagging Poor posture and the use of mobile phones increase the problem, so in 2023 your Y zone may be one of your goals.

cosmetic and aesthetic trends of 2023

Courtesy of Press Office

Treatments filler effect, without needles

Injections are being relegated to second and third planes, because instead, cosmetics is gaining ground by achieving practically the same as in the cabin. We also talk about effect treatments hyaluronic acid filler to volumize the face, with which it is possible to visibly fill and increase the appearance of the volumes that cause tired and aging faces. Areas to treat: nasal folds, crow’s feet or labial grooves.

cosmetic and aesthetic trends of 2023

Courtesy of Barbara Bui

The aesthetic medicine of 2023

Once we have reviewed everything that is coming in the cosmetic world this year, let’s sit in the office of your favorite beauty salon to find out everything that is going to succeed. And we warn you: if you have been watching the almost magical videos with those little threads that are placed above the wrinkles without punctures and make them disappear, we have good news: they are already here.

To learn about the latest, there is nothing like doing it at the hands of the best experts in plastic surgery and dermatology, who have met during the World Experts Meeting to preview what aesthetic medicine will be like this year.

cosmetic and aesthetic trends of 2023

Armando Grillo/IMAXTREE.COM

The threads of 12 short cones

It is most expected. Probably, because you too may have come across one of those videos in which a patient is seen in the cabin who is placed some kind of small and very fine threads on the wrinkles. The incredible: instantly, the wrinkle visibly disappears. Well, this is not magic, it is science and they are called threads of 12 short cones.

The doctor explains its effect Victoria ManningFrom london: “the new threads with 12 short cones allow, in addition to the already known effects, an immediate lifting effect without the risk of leaving irregularities or dimples”. In addition, they allow each face to be treated, adapting to each need with super natural results.

cosmetic and aesthetic trends of 2023

Courtesy of Press Office

Combined treatments

Limiting yourself to one technique is now a thing of the past. The future now involves combining several treatments in one, to maximize effects and also make them more harmonious and powerful.

According to the doctor Nebendahl, Hamburg dermatologist, the perfect mix would go through “firstly, replenish volumes and then reposition the tissues”. That is, combining treatments of, for example, hyaluronic acid with reabsorbable tensing threads of polylactic acid. Or combine tension threads with collagen inducers. The MaiLi firm already has all this in its catalogue.

Skin texture: the new indicator of youth

Even above firmness and wrinkles. And in this, the collagen inducer is one of the most complete treatments that is postulated as a favorite to get rid of years through a more refined texture. The doctor explains it Alessandra Camporesefrom Padua: “On the one hand, it fills in instantly, creating a very elegant correction. And on the other, it improves skin quality, thanks to the biostimulation it causes.”

cosmetic and aesthetic trends of 2023

Marcy Castelgrande/Courtesy of Jenny Yoo

The tension threads, above the botox

Although botulinum toxin has little competition, the tension threads are beginning to gain ground. Especially for objectives focused on raising the eyebrows and rejuvenating the look in a much more natural way.

Hyaluronic acid layering

It makes sense if you stop to think that this is becoming more and more of a trend. And it is that, as the doctor explains Marco Cerrano, from Lausanne, the idea is to treat the face as a bed, forming a multilevel structure. “First of all, the springs must be improved, creating a supporting but elastic structure that maintains the facial structure in the fatty tissue. The next step is to form the mattress with a smaller amount of product to finish smoothing the sheet -skin- and work the forms”. And for this, the different layers and concentrations of hyaluronic acid.

Without a doubt, a very exciting year is ahead.

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