Sixth wave of COVID-19 in Mexico, less lethal but contagious: UNAM

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Sixth wave of COVID-19 in Mexico
What to expect from the sixth wave of COVID-19 in Mexico, according to UNAM? | Photo: Darkroom

The sixth wave of COVID-19infectious disease caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2“it has already reached us” and although it will not be as mortalyes it will be the same contagious than the previous ones, according to Samuel Ponce de León, coordinator of the University Program for Research on Epidemiological and Emerging Risks (PUIREE) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

When did the sixth wave of COVID-19 in Mexico begin and what will it be like?

From the perspective of the specialist UNAMthe sixth wave of COVID-19 started four or five weeks ago when there was an increase in infectionsalthough the trend indicates that the cases are less severe, causing hospitalizations or deaths to a small extent.

“It should be noted that this wave is being configured in a different way: the cases are not as serious or lethal as they were in other waves, because the variant of the virus that continues to circulate is Ómicron, with a wide diversity of subvariants.”

Samuel Ponce de Leon, UNAM

Although the variants that will abound in this new stage of transmission, ponce de leon warns that the transmission of influenzawhich had remained limited in the previous two years thanks to prevention measures, is increasing considerably because these measures have already been relaxed,” he says. These viruses could converge.

What is the difference with the previous waves?

The main difference, according to the coordinator of the PUIREE of the UNAMis that each winter season allows us to be in contact with a great variety of virus and, therefore, we must strengthen our immune system to deal with them; however, the restrictive measures deprived us of said antibodies.

“A large number of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5-year-old children who were isolated in a bubble and now go out into the streets again and are exposed to these viruses, do not have good defenses, because they lack immunological experience. In the US and Europe, the number of children with acute respiratory problems who need to be hospitalized is increasing.

Samuel Ponce de Leon, UNAM

In this autumn-winter season, before the sixth wave of COVID-19but also given the appearance of other viruses that cause acute respiratory diseases, there is no other way than to resume prevention measures, including the use of face masks, despite the recommendations of the Health Secretary. These are the recommended measures:

  • Use of face masks
  • healthy distance
  • constant hand washing
  • Ventilation in closed places

Regarding rapid tests, ponce de leon believes that they are not very effective in detecting the Omicron subvariants that are currently circulating, as is the case of “Cerbero”. “Their effectiveness depends on when and how they are done. A negative result at a time when the circulation of these subvariants begins to skyrocket does not mean that the person is not infected; It only means that the positivity was not confirmed, but it is not ruled out, ”he concluded.

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