“Single Dad”: this is what “Vicky” looks like now, Pamela Verni

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We tell you what happened to “Vicky”, the niece of “Papá Soltero”. Photo: Shutterstock

Do you remember Vicky? The naughty and redhead niece of Cesar Costa who appeared during some episodes of “Single dad” today has 35 yearsand although He does not plan to return to actingwhom unotv.com we tell you what happened to her at the moment.

Who is “Vicky”, the niece of “Papá Soltero”?

Pamela Vernibetter known as vicky in “Papá Soltero”, is an actress who joined the cast of the series in 1991under the argument of being the Cesar Costa’s niecewho lived with her three children: Alexandra (Edith Marquez), Miguel (Gerardo Quiroz) and Cesarin (Luis Mario Quiroz).

vicky she was a girl with a lot of character what interrupted adult conversationmaking comments witty and funny about the situations that happened in the house of the famous “Single dad”.

Among his frequent antics, Vicky took Alejandra’s makeup, clothes and high-heeled shoes without permissionin order to feel bigger, funny situations of the little actress who left a mark on the memory of the public.

What has become of “Vicky” after “Papá Soltero”?

Pamela Verni confessed that I would not act againbecause over the years realized that he wanted to develop other skills that led her to become yoga teacher.

The actress said that I was not aware that everything what happened in the series was a fictionWell, I thought that César Costa was really his uncle.

At the moment, She is very active on social media.given that share photos of when she was a child and appeared in magazinesas on the cover of Are youin which he posed with Ludwika Palette Y Gael Garcia Bernalwho were also child actors.

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