Simone Biles reveals, in Mexico Siglo XXI, what you should do before resigning

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Simone Billes revealed, during Mexico XXI CenturyWhat should a person do before resigning? to anything, be it sports, work or school. “Never give up if things go wrong for you, quit on a day that goes well for you,” said the winningest gymnast of all time during the event of the TELMEX Telcel Foundationwhich took place this Friday at the National Auditorium in Mexico City.

Biles also shared with the more than 10,000 scholarship holders of the TELMEX Telcel Foundation several tips that he has learned throughout his professional career.

The Olympic medalist acknowledged that your success is not individualbut it is a triumph for all those close to her, from her parents and boyfriend, but also for an entire town or a country that has supported her.

“When I win a medal it is not individually, it is for all those who have been there being my support”.

Simone Billes

Mental health should be a priority in elite athletes

Simone Billes He also recalled his experience in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics when he renounced various tests to procure his mental health and opened a public debate on the demands faced by a high performance athlete.

“There is no shame, I can ask for help, we must be open and honest with ourselves and have the courage to say it, I hope that all athletes listen to their bodies and take care of themselves.”

Simone Billes

The American gymnast, who previously raised his voice against athletes being seen “only as attractions”, he stressed that there is currently the possibility of saying “I do not can”.

The other tips for young Mexicans

During the talk at the event Mexico XXI Century, Simone Billes shared other advice for young Mexicans: “You have to push yourself every day, because that will make you better“. And he added: “I always want to be better and see how much I can achieve.”

And he concluded that it is important “to find what you are passionate about at work and complement it with other things that fill you up outside.”

“Dream big and then go further, when you reach your goals you always have to look for perfection and go further”.

Simone Billes

Who is Simone Biles?

Simone Biles is considered the best gymnast of all timean example of overcoming, resilience and above all of success that has revolutionized not only his discipline but the world of sport.

Biles captured the spotlight in 2013 when he won two golds at the World Championship with only 16 years, including the title of the all around. Four world golds followed in 2014 and another four in 2015.

At Rio 2016, her first Olympic Games, she was already a superstar and the main favorite for the title. And she did not disappoint as she won the gold in the “all around” events, for teams, jump and floor, and bronze in the beam.

With a height of 1.42cm revolutionized gymnastics for his incredible athletic abilityhis power and a tremendous personality.

That imagination was on display at the 2019 World Championships in Stuttgart, where he won five golds, thanks to two new techniques to be named after him.

Biles wowed fans and the judges with a double backflip triple twist on the ground and a double twisting double backflip on the balance beam, which until then only existed in the imagination.

Simone Biles at MSXXI of the TELMEX Telcel Foundation

Simone Biles opened the debate on mental health in sport

In Tokyo 2020Biles won another two medals to add to his already impressive Olympic collection. to a grand total of sevenbut at the same time opened the debate on the topic of mental health of high-performance athletes.

He even abandoned several competitions after having experienced a series of twistiesa mental block that can cause a gymnast to lose their sense of space and dimension while in the air.