Silvia Pinal manages to rescue her money from the bank that refused to give it to her

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Silvia Pinal / Mexico Agency

The first actress Silvia Pinal denounced a couple of days ago that a banking institution complicated her life by not allowing her to access the money she had saved as a result of her hard work in the artistic environment.

Despite being an elderly person, they kept her waiting for more than two hours, so that in the end, the bank denied her access to her assets.

Fortunately, the well-known television presenter found a way to reverse this decision and now confirmed in an interview for the “Venga la Alegría” program that she has already done all the paperwork to switch to another bank.

Silvia Pinal / Mexico Agency

Silvia Pinal / Mexico Agency

“It is not what they did, they had no powers at all, nor did they demand anything to give or deliver. That was a boy who said that the signature was not the same, which was absurd because he needed to sign and I told him ‘open it’, and I signed and signed him, and he already told me ‘well, yes it’s true, it’s the same, of course,’ “said Alejandra Guzmán’s mother.

For her part, Efigenia Ramos, who works as Doña Silvia’s assistant, explained that they had tried to solve this problem with the institution several months ago.

“It was all because she had asked for her checkbook since the beginning of the year, and they did not give it to us, and they did not give it to us, they said that she had to update her account, we updated it, and in any case they put many obstacles to the movements. If we wanted to do payroll payments, all that, and it turns out that they didn’t accept our checks,” he explained.

Finally, Ramos stressed that due to the little empathy of the employees, they chose to withdraw all the funds of the matriarch of the Pinal dynasty from that place.

Silvia Pinal / Mexico Agency

Silvia Pinal / Mexico Agency

“By force they wanted a power of attorney, the lady does not agree to give the power to anyone, the treatment was very inhumane and at first they did not want to accept the print because they said that her print was no longer valid, so we opened the account in another bank, to that she could take the money from there,” he said about it.


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