She was buried alive by her husband and asked for help with her Apple Watch and was rescued in the US

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A woman managed to survive an assassination attempt perpetrated by her husband in Washington, United States, after the latter gagged, tied and bury his victim alive in a makeshift grave meters from where they resided.

The story was spread by FoxNews, media that retrieved a 911 call that performed Young An, the 42-year-old victimfrom your smart watch.

When making the call, the woman was already inside the hole, gagged and tied up; On the other end of the line, an operator asks “Can you hear me?” while the victim only panted.

After minutes of the call and the emergency operator’s insistence on achieving a conversation, she told him: “What’s going on there?”, “I will get help for you. I’ll stay on the line with you”.

Impossible to spin any wordthe woman sobbed and seemed to implore help, “I’m still with you,” the operator replied, while trying to reassure her by informing her that security agents had been deployed to find the whereabouts of the victim.

The operator managed to locate the victim’s address.

According to foxnews The woman managed to get out of the hole where she had been buried on her own, ran through the woods where she was for half an hour until she finally found a citizen who called 911.

Some time later, the woman met with the authorities.

The violent event occurred last October 16according to ongoing research.

Before this event happened, husband Chae An and victim Young An got into an argument at the home where they lived. The disagreement got out of control and the aggressor gagged and tied up the woman. Officials also indicate that at some point he also stabbed her.

He then put her in a van and took her to the woods where he buried her.

Six hours later the subject was arrested near the hole he dug to bury his wife. He was arrested, held and without bail.

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