She is the woman who humiliated Karely Ruiz to prevent her from being more famous than her | VIDEO

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One of the Mexican influencers most famous of onlyfans it is without a doubt Karen Ruizwho has managed to place herself among the favorites selling sensual content.

On her journey through fame, she has met people who have somehow made her experience embarrassing moments, such is the case of the host Marcela Mistral.

One of the most critical moments between Karely and Marcela occurred a few years ago, in the half and half programwhere the two celebrities had an argument and De Nigris’s wife also made a strong comment against the influencer: “It’s because of people like you that I don’t let my children go on the internet.”

At that time, the Monterrey At just 18 years old, he was facing a scandal due to the leaking of some intimate photographs from when he was a minor and was at the peak of his career on social networks.

It should be noted that after this friction, the host of Multimedios revealed in an interview for the SNSerio program that she regretted that controversy that generated her comment, and recognized that it would originate from the instructions given to them in the program.

The pranks of Poncho de Nigris

Also, if there was someone who fueled all this scandal it was Nigris Poncho, who jokingly recorded a video that he shared on instagram, and in which one of the most used musical themes by Karely Ruiz is heard. In the recording Marcela is seen entering her room and throwing a towel at her, while Poncho laughs and directs the camera at her baby.

Although it is not certain if it was something planned, the publication is still available on the couple’s profile and has more than 37 thousand “likes” and various comments such as “She was angry because she has more followers than her”, ” This compa is my idol”, “How traumatized she is, she won’t envy Karely”, “Not even her husband respects her, hahahahahahahahahahahahahah,” among many others.

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