She had a fever, she thought it was coronavirus but the true diagnosis devastated her

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The story of Sinead Hudson, who contracted leukemia after a long series of clues

In the United States, a case revolutionized society and called on the rest of the inhabitants to take precautionary measures for their health. It happens that a woman named Sinead Hudson41 years old, He spent a long time with positive COVID and the doctors could not find a way to reduce his symptoms so that he could continue his life normally.

The story began far from his country of origin. on a vacation in Ibizaalong with her husband, both contracted the virus and the nightmare began. sineadwith a more complex picture, experienced the usual symptoms such as fever: he came to 41° on the thermometer. When trying to find palliative methods, his health began to deteriorate to the point of suspecting if there was a parallel disease, which, when combined with Covid-19, would result in a new setback.

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However, the alarm went off even more when her husband, four days after contracting the coronavirus, fully recovered but she, over the weeks, continued in a delicate state. “I was quite unwell, very weak and tired, but my partner was not and we think it just affects some people differently than others. I was coughing and had a high fever for more than two weeks”told the protagonist of this story to The Sun.

As the days went by, the symptoms worsened and her husband, Rob, decided to take more exhaustive measures to really determine what was wrong with Sinead, who, due to the general malaise, came to lose considerable weight due to losing her appetite. “It was already mid-January and I was still sick, I really didn’t eat.”Held.

The story of the British woman who was diagnosed with leukemia, after going through the Covid

The story of the British woman who was diagnosed with leukemia, after going through the Covid

When attending a medical center, the woman was hospitalized and A bone marrow biopsy was performed to determine if any infection in his immune system was not allowing his days to pass normally: “I thought it was just an infection or long covid and I wanted to get antibiotics so I could go home, but they told me they needed to find out what the infection was.”

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A devastating diagnosis: “I couldn’t assimilate anything”

Once the studies were completed, the medical staff alerted the 30-year-old Briton: “You have acute leukemia”, was the final diagnosis indicated by the doctors, which began to close the couple even more, who was wary of a Covid-19 infection. “Everything went white and my ears started ringing. I felt like my brain had stopped and I couldn’t take anything in. what he was telling me,” he said, upon hearing the sad news.

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Back in the United Kingdom, the woman learned that leukemia caused a failure in her body, which blocked her defenses and kept her vulnerable to any infection. “Covid is my saving grace for bringing this to light… I think potentially helped spot things very early for me”he stressed, about what was a resounding change in his life.

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