Shanghai offers anti-covid booster dose with a new aspirable vaccine

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The eastern Chinese megalopolis of Shanghai on Wednesday became the first city in the country to offer a covid vaccine that is inhaled instead of injectedfor the moment only as a booster dose for adults who already have an initial regimen with conventional serums.

According to the state newspaper China Daily, the new vaccine is in the form of an aerosol inside a container similar to a glass: to receive it, you must suck in, hold your breath for about five seconds, and then slowly exhale.

The process takes about fifteen seconds in total, and one of the first to try it described it as “painless and simple”also clarifying that the flavor of the spray is “a little sweet”.

The vaccine is an aerosol version of the anti-covid serum developed by the company CanSino Biologics, and it was approved by the country’s regulators in early September.

At the moment, this new solution it is available in about 25 vaccination centers in the cityof around 24.9 million inhabitants.

China Daily points out that aerosolized vaccines could become important in the global fight against the pandemic due to their ability to stimulate an immune response on mucosal surfaces through which viruses enter the body.

According to CanSino Biologics, a booster dose of their vaccine in aerosol form is capable of generating a reven stronger antibody response than your solution injected in the traditional way.


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