Shakira “tired” of love, this is what a renowned seer said

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Shakira Y Gerard Piqué they have been at the center of international media coverage after their divorce, which occurred in the middle of 2022, their union is in the past, all their ties are broken and the only thing they have in common is their two children, Milan Y Sasha.

The Colombian has been at the center of speculation since she became single, which has caused a huge wave of speculation that there would be a possible romance with other international celebrities such as Henry CavillChris Evans Y Alejandro Sanz.

Despite so many speculations, Shakira You have decided to remain silent on this issue and that you do so shows that your main concern is your children.

Several seers suggested that Shakira He could already be in a new relationship with someone based on what appeared in astrology, and rumors arose that he would be a Colombian living in the United States, a country he would soon be visiting. Shakira moved with their children, for this reason the Spanish media claimed that Alejandro Sanz would be interested in something with the Barranquillera.

Regardless of all these rumors, the seer Liliana Estrada agreed to speak with pulse and mentioned what will happen with Shakira in 2023.

The expert focused on the love life of the celebrity and stressed that she is currently single and that she will be like this for a long time, Estrada said that the singer is not interested in the proposal and is in no hurry to make something official, so she will continue With her solo career, although she has admirers and suitors, the singer doesn’t want to dwell on that aspect yet.

The seer said:

Shakira will be single for a long time, and I like the idea of ​​the artist, now everyone says that she has followers, there must be thousands, because she is beautiful, because of her personality and because of her fame. But for the moment she has no intention of committing herself.

Her marriage had lasted a long time, God gave her two beautiful children and the relationship ended, we must hope that Shakira will overcome all this process for her children.

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