Shakira does it again! And so she proudly wore the “revenge” sweatshirt

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Half a year has passed since the world came to a standstill at the news announcing the separation between Shakira Y gerard Piquethis due to an alleged infidelity on the part of the athlete, which weeks later became relevant when the former Barcelona player appeared kissing a 23-year-old girl.

Since then the singer Shakira has been supported by millions of fans around the world, being the figure apparently deceived in this situation, but far from showing herself as a woman held back by the pain of a deception, the truth is that the famous woman has been revolutionary and has verified her emancipation through the empowerment of his music art.

This was demonstrated by the original BarranquillaColombia on January 11, when the collaboration of the interpreter of “La bicicleta” with the Argentine producer and rapper was premiered worldwide. bizarreHowever, in this melody not only the Barcelona player was affected, but various hints are also made against Piqué’s new partner.

This musical theme has unleashed a worldwide sensation and its success has been so overwhelming that even in a single day it has achieved almost 64 million views on the video platform. Youtubea figure with which he exceeds the record set by the song, surpassing “Slowly” (2017), by Luis Fonsi, which reached almost 25 million in just 12 hours.

Shakira makes a piece of clothing out of her song

This melody has become more than a standard for hundreds of thousands of people who seek to leave behind the regret of a deception and transform it into power, since the theme is so viral that there are even memes and even products alluding to this new melody.

Now it’s been your own Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll who has given a “white glove slap” again in the face of the situation of deceit that she went through and very much in the style of Lady Di when she found out about the new relationship of the then Prince Carlos, now the singer of “Las de la intuición” has left to see before the reflectors with a sweatshirt that was called “of revenge”.

This is because the famous woman appreciated in public, allegedly greeting the press from the balcony of her house, and what immediately drew attention was that the artist wore a hoodie white, garment in which the phrase “Las mujeres invoican” could be read, which is a fragment of the melody where he refers to the deceptions of the Spanish businessman.



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