Shakira captures all eyes with her latest message about the Soccer World Cup

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Step that takes, step that becomes news. Shakira has once again been on everyone’s lips, this time, due to a tweet about the World Cup.

There were barely four words, but they became a trend shortly after their publication on Twitter.

Until now, he had not spoken about any team, he had only shared videos about his performances in the two World Cups in which he participated: in Africa and also in Brazil.

(Photo by Michelly Rall/WireImage) Shakira writes a tweet about the World Cup

In just one day, it exceeded a million LIKES and was shared more than 175 thousand times.


A whole record. But what exactly did he say to make everyone so interested? Actually, it was the first time he had shown sympathy with a team. Curiously, one that won the Spanish team.

“It’s time for Africa!”, he wrote after Morocco’s victory over Portugal. The same team had defeated Spain days before, so the artist celebrated her position by making this play on words that is so reminiscent of hers “Waka waka” of hers.

Although this message does not mean that Morocco is his favorite team, it is clear that he was very happy with the result.

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