Serpentico achieves an infamous record in All Elite Wrestling

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Few hours ago, All Elite Wrestling celebrated a new day of AEW Dark Elevation from the Indiana Farmer’s Coliseum in Indianapolis, Indiana. The show featured multiple matchups between well-known stars and various developing talents within the company.

One of these combats saw Serpentico being defeated by Lee Moriarty. Despite seeming like one more defeat than is customary for the masked man, this instance did not go unnoticed by All Elite Wrestling fans when noticing an infamous mark that has been surpassed by Serpentico on the day for YouTube.

Official All Elite Wrestling records have confirmed that tonight’s is the hundredth defeat of Serpéntico in the company. The masked man becomes the first person within the AEW cast to obtain this unusual mark. Detailing technical data, Serpentico has taken a total of 42 defeats throughout 2022. The fighter he took only one individual victory against Vary Morales on June 11. In his overall record, Serpentico accumulates eleven victories between individual fights and those with his partner Luther.

Since its creation in 2019, All Elite Wrestling has tried to give constant attention to win-loss records of your competitors. Despite keeping the rankings on pause Due to the injury crisis and backstage controversies, the company continues to highlight certain winning streaks and streaks when choosing title challengers.

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