Sergio Mayer suffers in coronation as the King of Mariachi; he lost his voice

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Sergio Mayer suffers in coronation as the King of Mariachi;  he lost his voice
Sergio Mayer lost his voice like the King of Mariachi. Photo: Darkroom

Sergio Mayer passed a embarrassing moment after being crowned As the King of the Mariachi, well he former Garibaldi member I know ran out of air when interpreting “The Adventurer”theme that made popular Pedro Fernandez. Such was the apparent lack of air than the expolitical Took out a inhaler from his pants pocket.

This was the embarrassing moment of Sergio Mayer

Before a full theater and with eyes on him, Sergio Mayer, accused of influence peddling in the case against Héctor Parrahe prepared to sing the iconic themenot without before advance that he did not sing, which is why he said, in a tone of jokewho had taken him out of the successful band Garibaldi.

“Shall we have a (song)? But don’t leave me alone because, let’s see, I want to clarify, they kicked me out of Garibaldi because they didn’t sing, I don’t want them to kick me out of the theater today”.

Sergio Major

And although everything seemed to be going well, at the moment when Sergio Mayer intones a fast part of the songI know ran out of air and it was impossible to finish the stanzafor what he took out, from his pants pocket, an inhaler.

After the images were released, several users of social networks made public that Sergio Mayer it is not of his favorite artists Y they questioned his talent in singing.

“Poor thing, if he has never sung”, “The new king of falsetto, as falsetto as his person”, “Pena ajena”, “Pa puras vergangas”, “What a shame for the mariachis, how did they allow this?”, “That man denigrates mariachis”, “That song has a lot of air. Not everyone sings it”, they are part of the comments that can be read on the post.

In what part of the song did you run out of air?

Sergio Mayer, who suffered a hack a few years ago, failed to finish the stanza of the song that made popular Peter Fernandezwhere it says what women he likes “adventurous”. The stanza says:

“I like the tall ones and the short ones
The skinny ones, the fat ones and the little ones
Single and widowed and divorced
I love flats, with a pretty face”

This is how Mayer boasted mariachi clothing

In social networks, he too actor thanked to have been Elected King of Mariachi and, with a series of Photographs, dressed in the characteristic suitI affirm that would honor “with all due respect his image”.

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