September 24, 2022: What are the predictions that point to the end of the world

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The September 24, 2022, It is a date that has been placed in trends in recent hours, and it is that through the social network TikTok A prediction has been spread that relates to the television series The Simpsons, the declarations of a German legislator, prophecies of the end of the world and the Apocalypse, in AS Mexico We will tell you all the details.

In TikToK, videos of content creators and hundreds of users who use the social network have begun to stand out, in which they once again point to the series “The Simpson”, and it is that in its more than 30 seasons, the cartoon comedy has become popular due to the multiple predictions that are supposedly revealed in each of its episodes.

In recent years The Simpson They have been related to the theory that they advance the future through predictions hidden by their creators, going through that end of thrones, the position for the presidency of the United States with Donald Trump, the health contingency due to Covid-19, and many more. situations that have similarities with reality.

It is said that the millions of fans of the popular series often occupy their free time to find the revelations and predictions that hide each of its chapters. In this sense, the last great revelation that has been placed among the main trends is the famous “end of the world”, that for many years has been tried to explain through multiple theories, which supposedly define the exact moment in which human life on Planet Earth would end.

What is the Simpsons prediction about the end of the world?

Fans of the popular animated comedy series explain that in episode 9 of season 24, it is about the prediction of the end of the world, it is that supposedly the characters of the series or its creator Matt Greoeningn, they place the date of September 24 as the day of the final judgmenta conspiracy theory to which many people have tried to find a true answer.

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In social networks and the entire digital world it is being said that The Simpsons have predicted the final judgment, for which the end of the world would be next Saturday, September 24day in which “many bad things will happen in the world”, according to the predictions that have put the Chinese skin on more than one and the alerts that it will be the end.

It should be noted, that lovers of The Simpsons have briefly called the episode like 24/9, because it supposedly tells how a group of people are preparing for the end of the world and even relate the electromagnetic pulse device to the theory that 10 days of darkness are coming.

Some people on social networks have also accompanied the conspiracy theory of the end of the world relating to Germany, since it is believed that this country is preparing for a massive blackout, which is supposed to start on September 24, but It’s just what is being said on social networks, So far there is no 100 percent official or true version that supports the versions of the arrival of the Apocalypse.

Who is Friedrich Merz and why is he associated with the end of the world?

One more theory about the arrival of the end of the world has its origin in a series of statements made by the German legislator Friedrich Merz, when expressing his opinion on the Russian invasion of Ukraine that occurred at the beginning of 2022, and it is that in the first days of September he publicly commented that September 24 is a day that everyone will remember.

“Ladies and gentlemen colleagues, on September 24, 2022, it will be a day that we will all remember and we will say about this day in the future, that I will remember where I was”, was the statement made by Friedrich Merz.

After Merz’s statement, it has been commented that the German legislator got the date wrong, he was referring to February 24, the day Russia invaded Ukraine, and that is the date that everyone would remember. The legislator’s statements have been replicated in thousands of videos that are already circulating on social networks and related to The Simpsons theory, causing more fear among Internet users.

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