September 2022 premieres on Netflix, Claro Video and Amazon Prime Video

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Premieres of September 2022
These are the September premieres on streaming platforms | Photo: Pexels

The national month is enjoyed in the cinemas and also on streaming platforms. Platforms like Netflix, Clear Video Y Amazon Prime Video launch their catalogs for september 2022 with very Mexican premieres to enjoy with the family with a pozole or a plate of tacos.

September 2022 premieres on Netflix


  • The King, Vicente Fernandez – September 14

From humble beginnings to the pinnacle of regional Mexican music stardom. The whirlwind of the life and career of the Mexican music icon Vicente Fernandez over seven decades. Give the cry of Independence with this September 2022 premiere.

  • Cobra Kai: Season 5 – September 9

The Serie “cobra kai” became an immediate success among the faithful followers of the saga of “karate Kid” and has already reached its fifth season, which will explore new alliances by Daniel Larusso Y Johnny Lawrence to beat cobra kainow led by Terry Silverwhile John Kreese he is in prison.

  • Destiny: The Winx Saga: Season 2 – 16 of September

One of the great surprises of the platform was the series “Destiny: The Winx Saga“, and as part of the September 2022 premieres its second season arrives. A group of students from the Alfea school of magic learn to master their powers while dealing with rivalries, romances and supernatural occurrences.

  • Iron Chef: Mexico – September 21st

The concept that became famous in the United States, “Iron Chef”, arrives in Mexico. In this culinary competition, rising talents face off against three of the best chefs in Mexico to win the mythical catana and the title of Legendary Chef. The chosen chefs are Gaby Ruiz, Roberto Solis and Francisco Ruano. Among the judges are Belinda, Pedro Sola and Místico.

  • The Empress – September 29th

The rebellious Elizabeth falls in love with Emperor Francis and becomes his unexpected wife. Now, she is part of a world of tension and intrigue at the Viennese court. Do not miss “The Empress“, a period series that arrives in the premieres September 2022.


  • blonde – September 28

This fictional portrait of Marilyn Monroe offers a bold look into the Hollywood legend’s tumultuous private life…and the price he paid for fame. Starring Anne of Arms Y Adrian Brodythis film tells the story of the greatest diva in the United States.

  • i was famous – 16 of September

A former boy band star gets a second chance when he teams up with a talented drummer. If you are a fan of musical comedies, this original film from the platform is ideal for you. Don’t let go”i was famous” between the premieres September 2022.

  • End of the road – September 9

A recently widowed woman must protect her family during a harrowing car ride when a murder and a missing bag of money puts them in jeopardy. “End of the road” is starring the stars Queen Latifah Y Ludacris.

A cantankerous, lonely woman battles adversity and her own dark past when a neighbor’s young daughter is kidnapped during a storm. “Lou” is an ideal alternative for lovers of action, drama and suspense in September 2022 premieres.

  • revenge now – 16 of September

revenge now” portrays the story of a dethroned popular girl at a private school who makes a secret deal with a new student to take revenge on their enemies. After the success of Stranger Things, maya hawke returns as the protagonist to a film accompanying the young promise Camila Mendez.

Other premieres for Netflix in September 2022


  • The Empress – September 29th
  • The Devil in Ohio – September 2
  • The ones in the last row – September 23
  • Dynasty: Season 5 – 24th September
  • The Braves – 16 of September
  • Rescue in a cave in Thailand – September 22
  • Holy – 16 of September


  • athena – September 23
  • Romance in Verona – September 1st
  • The invisible man – September 14
  • Zombie Land 2 – September 15
  • you’re killing me susana – September 7th
  • In good and bad – September 7th

Specials, animation, documentaries and reality shows

  • entergalactic – September 30th
  • Liss Pereira: Average Adult – September 15
  • drifting home – 16 of September
  • Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (Series) – Coming Soon
  • The sins of our mother – September 14
  • Bling Ring: The True Story of Hollywood Robberies – September 21st
  • Killers of India: Diary of a Serial Killer – September 7th
  • Ronaldo – September 1st

Claro Video premieres for September 2022


  • DC League of Superpets (Buy and rent) – September 11

Krypto the Superdog and Superman They are inseparable friends who share the same superpowers and fight crime together in Metropolis. When Superman and the rest of the Justice League are kidnapped, Krypto must convince a motley crew at a hostel—Ace the Hound, PB the Pot-bellied Pig, Merton the Turtle, and Chip the Squirrel—to harness their newfound powers and help him save his life. rescue superheroes. Don’t miss out on the September 2022 premieres.

  • disconnected (Buy and rent) – September 14

Seeking to recapture their lost passion, Dan and Jeanine plan a kid-free, tech-free weekend in a remote mountain town. However, when the going gets tough, they only have each other to get them back to civilization. matt walsh Y Eva Longoria star “disconnected“.

  • the black phone (Purchase and rent) – September 22

the black phone” is one of the most successful horror and suspense movies of the year. From the director’s hand Scott Derrickson and the protagonist Ethan Hawke, this became one of the highest grossing genre films. If you didn’t see it in theaters, enjoy it in the premieres september 2022.

Mexican premieres in September 2022

As part of the premieres september 2022Claro Video celebrates the national month with five classic Mexican titles with stars like Pedro Infante Y The Saint.

  • the Bandit – September 1st
  • Pepe the Bull – September 1st
  • Santo vs. the TV Killer – September 1st
  • Saint against black magic – September 1st
  • Santo and Blue Demon against the beasts of terror – September 1st


  • The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 5 – September 18

The Handmaid’s Tale“, series based on the novel by Margaret Atwood, is located in a dystopian future in which women are condemned to procreate as their only purpose in life. This story was so successful that, in a matter of five years, he already has five seasons.

  • Star Trek Universe – September 1st

lovers of star trek can rest easy, because as part of the releases september 2022, Claro Video adds all the films and series of the stellar franchise to its catalog.

  • Acapulco Shore: Season 10 – September 27th

One of the most famous reality shows in Mexico returns with its tenth season with more plots of romance, betrayal and a lot of partying. Do not miss Acapulco Shore in Clear Video!

Other premieres of Claro video for September 2022


  • Rooms for Rent: Season 6 – September 21st
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks, Season 3 – September 2
  • sailor Moon – September 1st

Amazon Prime Video premieres for September 2022


  • The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power – September 2

The universe of “The Lord of the rings” continues to expand hand in hand with JA Bayona. “The Rings of Power” will tell the story before the time of Frodo Baggins, Gandalf and the Fellowship of the Ring. Based on the mythology created by J. R. R. Tolkien, this series explores new plot lines within Middle-earth. unmissable in the premieres of September 2022!

  • Prism – September 21st

Two identical teenage twin brothers defy gender norms in different ways on a journey of self-discovery involving their group of friends who are also trying to find their place in the world. “Prism” is an Italian drama series described by critics as a portrait of the “flow of contemporary life”.

  • September Mornings: Season 2 – September 23

Cassandra (Liniker) left her hometown behind when she decided to stop compromising and become who she always wanted to be: a free and independent transgender woman. As part of the premieres september 2022 The second season of this Brazilian series arrives that explores stories that are not normally told.

  • A Strange Enemy: Season 2 – September 30th

Starring Daniel Gimenez Cachothis series has as its main character Fernando Barrientos, the Chief of the Mexican Secret Police, who is making his way to the most powerful chair in the country. However, the path is full of obstacles and going through it implies agreeing, manipulating and even killing.


  • goodnight mommy – 16 of September

goodnight mommy” is based on an Austrian horror film of the same name. In 2014, it caused a stir for its plot and its twist. Eight years later, naomi watts stars in the American remake of this story. She Discover it and feel terror in the premieres of September 202two!

  • My best friend’s Exorcism – September 30th

The year is 1988. Abby and Gretchen, high school sophomores, have been best friends since they were little. But after they go swimming naked one night, something goes wrong. Gretchen begins to act weird, she is moody and irritable. And strange incidents start to happen whenever she’s around her. Abby suspects something strange is going on, which leads her to investigate, making some startling and terrifying discoveries. That is “The exorcism of my best friend“.

  • 13:14: The challenge of helping – 16 of September

This documentary, produced and starring the influencer Juanpa Zurita, recounts the efforts of celebrities and influencers to help the population of Mexico City after the earthquake of September 19, 2017, at exactly 1:14 p.m. This is how we close premieres september 2022!