Seo Min Jae Retracts Accusations Against Boyfriend Nam Tae Hyun After Police Open Investigations + He Responds

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One day after allegations of physical abuse and drug use against her boyfriend Nam Taehyun, seo min jae made a post saying that his previous allegations were not true.

On August 20, the cast member of β€œHeart Signal 3” seo min jae posted a photo of her with the ex-member of WINNER, Nam Taehyunon Instagram with the phrase:

β€œNam Tae Hyun does philopon [metanfetamina]. And I have the needle that he used in my bedroom or in my office cabinet. And it hits me.”

Although he deleted the post shortly after, the Seoul Yongsan Police Station announced on August 21 that they had begun investigating the accusations against Nam Tae Hyun. “We don’t have a specific schedule. [para nuestras investigaciones]”, said a police spokesman. “We are investigating to clarify the facts before formulating an accusation.”

However, on the night of August 21, Seo Min Jae took to Instagram again to make a statement retracting his earlier accusations. She explained that she had been under the influence of drugs prescribed by a psychiatrist while writing her initial post and that she had made false claims due to a fight with her boyfriend Nam Tae Hyun, whom she was still dating. She also added that they had reconciled.

Seo Min Jae’s full post is as follows:

Hi, I’m Seo Min Jae.

I write this statement to speak after what happened yesterday.

First, I had a fight with my boyfriend over our misunderstandings. At that time, due to stress, I took more than the prescribed dose of a psychiatric medication, so I lost control to the point where I still don’t remember what happened. As a result, I made a post that was not related to the truth, and I was also injured by mistake, which is why I am currently in the hospital. I have posted this statement so late because I am receiving treatment.

In addition, we reconcile.

I am truly sorry that I have given many people cause for concern.

Shortly after Nam Tae Hyun took to Instagram he posted the following statement:

Hello. I am Nam Tae Hyun.

I apologize to the people who must have been surprised by yesterday’s incident…

It was a fight between lovers, but we have since reconciled.

I apologize to people for giving so many people cause for concern because of a personal matter.

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