sees measures to avoid falling into fraud, according to the CNBV- Uno TV

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Last August, it was reported about the detection of money lending apps (credit) through which extortion is carried outtherefore, the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) offered some tips to avoid falling for fraud.

Tips to avoid falling for a fraud

Before trying to use an app to access credit, the CNBV recommended contacting a Collective Financing Institution, which are financial entities that have authorization to put people from the general public in contact with the objective that, among them, financing be granted through technological platforms, such as: applications computers, interfaces, internet pages or some other means of electronic or digital communication.

Remember, before using a apps To obtain a loan you have to take into account:

  • Consult in detail the terms and conditions of the services and products offered by these financial institutions
  • Know the amount of resources that can be requested
  • Review the interest rate for the credit
  • Know the deadlines to pay the credit
  • Find out about the commissions you charge
  • Know the requirements to request the credit, the forms of payment and the guarantees requested

If you consider requesting a credit from a Collective Financing Institution before an app, the CNBV recommended:

  • arkangeles
  • lender
  • I lend you
  • crowd up
  • Foundation
  • Doopla
  • likideo
  • m2crowd
  • hundred bricks
  • Play Business
  • Sunflower Net
If you use a credit App they can defraud you. Photo: Shutterstock

“These financial institutions are under the supervision of the CNBV, in addition to be obliged to comply with the regulations issued by this regulatory authoritywhich will allow them to preserve their financial stability, as well as their healthy and correct functioning,” the agency explained in a statement.

Remember that when you ask for a loan, analyze the variants to pay, because sometimes the interest can be very high.