SEDIF promotes collaboration for social welfare

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The president of the DIF State System (SEDIF), Patricia López Navarro, met with representatives of different government, higher education and private sector institutionswith the objective of establishing a link that contributes to continue promoting the integral development of the population that lives in the areas of priority attention of the entity, informed the general director Luis Alberto Ceseña Romero.

“The sum of actions makes it possible to expand the results that favor citizens, especially those who require greater attention and support”said Alberto Ceseña.

During this meeting, it was proposed to direct programs and services that each of the institutions executes towards locations that are remote and in which a positive impact can be had. in their community development.

Ceseña Romero highlighted that the aspects that were discussed were issues inherent to courses, workshops, training for employment, on activities educational and cultural to work together and ensure that these benefits directly benefit those who need it most.

In the same way, he mentioned that among the institutions that participated are the Training Center for Work, State Water Commission, International University of La Paz, Autonomous University of Baja California Sur, State Institute of Adult Educationas well as the South Californian institutes of the Youth and Sports, the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry, among other.

Finally, the general director of SEDIF indicated that the support available to the state government is for citizens, as well as guaranteeing that it arrives and is used assertively, must be a priority, so that no one is left behind or outside.

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