Second suspect in Canada stabbing dies after arrest | International

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After four days of searching, the Canadian police reported this Wednesday that they have arrested Myles Sanderson, 30, the second suspect wanted for the wave of stabbings last weekend in which 10 people died in an indigenous tribal reservation. and its surroundings. However, hours later, the police have indicated that he had died “of unspecified medical problems”. The first of the suspects, Damien Sanderson, was found dead on Tuesday.

The police had just issued an alert on his whereabouts and immediately canceled it: “Myles Sanderson has been located and taken into police custody near Rosthern, Saskatchewan, at approximately 3:30 p.m. today. There is no longer a risk to public safety in connection with this investigation.” the provincial division of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in a tweet (RCMP). The place where he has been detained is northeast of Saskatoon, the province’s main city, and about 130 kilometers from the reservation where most of the attacks took place.

The police have since officially confirmed the death of Myles Sanderson, which some sources had anticipated. It is not yet known what “medical problems” have led to his death. The police have announced that an investigation will be opened into the circumstances of his death. At the time of announcing the arrest, the police did not say anything about him being injured.

His brother Damien Sanderson, 31, was found dead with injuries which appeared not self-inflicted, so he could be the eleventh victim. Her body was found in the area of ​​the James Smith Indian Reservation where most of the attacks took place.

Myles Anderson already had a search warrant prior to the attacks this Sunday, in which the city of Saskatoon, the largest in the province, was identified as his last known whereabouts. The police warned that he was armed and dangerous. “Myles has a long criminal history involving both people and property crimes,” Rhonda Blackmore, spokeswoman and head of the RCMP, said Tuesday.

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One of the questions now is why he was free with such a long criminal history. He had been released provisionally and the authorities have indicated that they are going to investigate the circumstances in which he had been granted it.

“To the men and women in uniform who have worked day and night to locate and apprehend this dangerous criminal, thank you. We owe a great debt of gratitude to all of you.” Said on Twitter Scott Moe, the premier of the Saskatchewan region, where the attacks have taken place.

The other aspect is trying to clarify the motive and the causes of the attacks as far as possible, which the death of the suspects makes it even more difficult. The police were quick to identify the Sandersons and from the beginning believed that many of the victims had been chosen at random, not deliberately. There were six members of the same family stabbed. Among the victims are people from 23 to 78 years old. Among the injured are teenagers, but no children.

The police were looking for the two brothers, whom they believed to have escaped, but the appearance of the body of one of them in the very reserve where the attacks took place casts doubt on their participation in the events or if it is rather the eleventh victim , stabbed by his own brother.

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