Seal attacks a child and tourists on the beach: video

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Seal attacks a child and tourists on the beach: video
A seal caused terror on a South African beach. Photo: Shutterstock

The Vacations are dates for have fun and enjoybut on a beach they lived moments of anguish and terrorafter some tourists were attacked by a seal in Cape Town, South Africa.

In tiktok A video circulates that terrified several people, especially some touristsafter seeing that several of them they were attacked by a seal that appeared to be harmless.

The seal became aggressive and attacked the tourists

In the video you can see to a seal on the seashore, while crashing into the small waves. The tourist who recorded the moment felt tenderness for the animal and made an affectionate expression, without knowing what would happen.

The seal begins to swim, but changes direction and rushes towards a child who was in the sea, with the aim to bite him. The little boy saw the intentions of the mammal, but when he wanted to escape it was too late.

The seal attacks the boybites him and tries to drag him into the sea, but thanks to the help of several people, the animal gave up and fled. However, it was not the end of the experience.

From the shore of the beach they alerted those who were in the water, while the seal located a young tourist who didn’t get out right away before the warnings.

Finally, another group came to the rescue of the young tourist that was attacked by the seal. In fact, one of the vacationers managed to hold the animal Until they were all out of the sea, to later release it.

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