Scoring champion and League champion, an unusual phenomenon in MexicoMediotiempo

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With 5-1 in the first leg, Pachuca has taken a big advantage over Toluca on the Grand Final of the Opening 2022so the probability is very high that Tuzos be champion, thus achieving an unusual event in the MX League.

It is about seeing the scoring champion also lift the tournament title with his team, because Nico Ibanez After having won that trophy, he is heading to become champion with Tuzos if the Devils do not come back.

And it is curious, but true that a team that has the scoring champion does not usually win titles, despite having that key weapon in their offense in their ranks.

Of 51 Finals already held in short tournaments, only eight times has the team that has the best scorer in the regular tournament been the champion, Pachuca would be the ninth in the Final number 52 and just the fifth club to do so.

Toluca, Santos, Pumas and América did it in short tournaments

Toluca is the one who has been able to achieve it that way the most (four short tournaments), it did so in Verano 1998, Verano 1999, Apertura 2002 and Apertura 2008, three with Jose Saturnino Cardozo and the last one with Hector Mancilla.

follows him Saints with two, in the Summer of 2001 with Jared Borgetti and the Clausura 2018 with Djaniny Tavares; Cougars in the Clausura 2004 with Bruno Marioni Y America in the Clausura 2013 with Christian Benitez.

In long seasons it was also rare

In long Seasons it was also unusual for the scoring champion to win the title with his team; It happened 13 times.

The first was León in 1947-48 with Adalberto López, who won the two-time scoring and league championship with his team, as they also lifted the 1948-49 trophy.

Even, it was three years in a row where this phenomenon occurred, because in the 1949-50 season it also happened, although with Veracruz, with Julio Ayllón being the scorer.

Later, in 1956-57, Guadalajara did it with Mellone Gutiérrez; this same team repeated it in 1961-62 with Salvador Reyes; before in 1957-58 it was Zacatepec with Carlos Lara.

In 1962-63 Oro A. Epaminondas followed; Toluca in 1966-67 with the same player; a season before (1965-66) it was América with José Alves Zague; It took a few years for it to happen again and it was in 1970-71 with the Eagles, having Enrique Borja as their scorer.

The UNAM in 1976-1977 with Evanivaldo Castro ‘Cabinho’, from there almost a decade passed when Rayados with Francisco Javier ‘el Abuelo’ Cruz conquered it in Mexico 86 and finally, the last long tournament was Pumas in 1990-91 with Luis Garcia.


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