Say goodbye to sagging arms with this routine

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On this occasion, Dani Cortes shares with us a routine to say goodbye to the sagging arms, which can be done using some fruits as weights. So let’s get to work to strengthen those biceps and display them proudly.

For this first exercise we sit on a chair, resting our backs well, and we start with an arm extension, we can use a papaya or a pineapple, about two kilos, to weigh. In each arm we do five repetitions and then do the same movement but now with both arms, trying not to separate the elbows from the head for 30 seconds.

  • Second exercise: half dips

For this second exercise it will be necessary to lean on a chair, which will serve to support the arms and lower the body. We do half dips, one deep dip, and then we do five shorter pumps; you can keep your legs in the same place or move them away, making it more complex, but always maintaining tension in the abdomen, to exploit the triceps.

  • Third exercise: triceps curl

In this last exercise we take the back of the chair, move away a little, place our feet on tiptoe and stretch our arms and flex them as much as we can, we do this continuously at a speed of your choice, and it will be for 30 seconds. seconds; here you should always keep the abdomen in tension.

Dani Cortes recommends doing five series with these three exercises resting 30 seconds between each of them and with this give everything to the triceps and say goodbye to the sagging of the back of the arms.