Sami Zayn believes that his physique prevents him from being the face of WWE

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sami zayn He is one of the main protagonists of the current WWE due to his involvement in history with The Bloodline. On Saturday, at Royal Rumble, she ended her relationship with Roman Reigns after hitting him with a chair, a show-defining moment that left many fans satisfied.

Last weekend, he was interviewed by journalist Ariel Helwani for his podcast. Sami Zayn touched many sticks, but one of his most outstanding statements came when, in a timid way, gave credit to Triple H for allowing the story to flow and work.

“I didn’t know how to say because I genuinely don’t know,” Sami commented if the story would have worked without Triple H at the helm. “But I know that before Triple H was in charge of creative, I never appeared on television with Roman. So when Tripe H was, I finally got my break on TV with Roman. I don’t know it’s a coincidence, because as I said before, it just so happened that there were a lot of things that lined up. The Usos weren’t there, Heyman wasn’t there, it was in Montreal, all that stuff.”

“Could it have happened if Hunter wasn’t in charge? I don’t know. All I know is that it definitely points to when he wasn’t in charge I wasn’t on screen with Roman. So once he was in charge, everything It happened, I was on screen, the situation was allowed to breathe and we saw where it went,” Zayn said. “Would it have happened without him? I don’t know, but probably not.”

Sami Zayn explained many anecdotes and joked about having spent 20 years trying to do the best for a show, but that has really happened now in the present with the story with The Bloodline. “In my entire career, I’ve treated everything they do as the most important thing on the show, and now is the first time that this is true. 20 years later“, he commented between laughs.

When asked about who he had to convince to get him into the story, Zayn revealed that he felt like he had to convince Paul Heyman above the rest given that Heyman has been alongside top-tier superstars for the past decade.

Heyman is the only one who felt that he had to convince, because I think he’s old school, and Roman is his guy, so is Brock (Lesnar), and he’s very familiar with the top of the billboard. And for him to sell myself as part of the act, to be part of the high end of the card was like having to tell them ‘look, he’s done those things with (Johnny) Knoxville or whatever,'” Sami Zayn said. “With Roman and the Usos the treatment is different because we are partners. Heyman is a person who looks more for strategy, so I thought that the person I really had to convince was him”, he assured. “It’s not so much having convinced him, it’s more that he’s seeing things differently than me.” , he responded when asked if he felt he had been convinced.

Heyman is a person who looks more for strategy, so I thought the person I really had to convince was him.

Ariel Helwani asked him about the possibility of Cody Rhodes winning the Royal Rumble battle royal and if fans were possibly going to be upset if he (Sami Zayn) didn’t. “I don’t know if that’s true or not. I’m not in the minds of the fans. Maybe you and I have a similar thought because we’re kind of die-hard, but I think there are a lot of casual fans who just get carried away.” Sami Zayn gave the example of daniel bryan at this point, remembering how people raged when Batista won the Rumble. “I don’t think we are in a similar situation, because the creative direction is not that“.

Later in the interview, Helwani asks if he sees himself as a world champion or the face of the company. Sami Zayn was very sincere on this point, admitting that being a champion would not make him lose sleep, but being the face of the company is very different because of the type of fighter he is, especially on a physical level.

I could win the world championship, I could hold it for a while, I can go to talk shows and all those things. But I am clear that he is the boy who could lead the company in the next 5 years because, let’s be honest: my physique. I’m not big, like Roman, or Cena or Brock, or whoever, that’s usually the guy in the lead because they want that kind of long-term projection.” Sami Zayn indicated that he can win the title, but then he has to know how to keep the essence alive. being a champion and the face of the company are two different things.

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